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Tropical paradise about usThe history of Jazz music origins is attributed to the turn of the 20th century New Orleans, although this unique, artistic medium occurred almost simultaneously in other North American areas like Saint Louis, Kansas City and Chicago. Traits carried from West African black folk music developed in the Americas, joined with European popular and light classical music of the late 18th and 19th centuries, became the syncopated rhythms of Ragtime and minor chord voicings characteristic of the Blues.

Jazz music is among America's greatest cultural achievements and exports to the world community. It gives powerful voice to the American experience. Born of a multi-hued society, Jazz unites people across the divides of race, region and national boundaries. It has always made powerful statements about freedom, creativity and American identity at home and abroad.

Jazz, an American art form, an international phenomenon! Jazz is not the result of choosing a tune, but an ideal that is created first in the mind, inspired by one's passion, and willed next in playing music. Jazz music draws from life experience and human emotion as the inspiration of the creative force, and through this discourse is chronicled the story of it's people. Jazz musicians and those that follow the genre closely, can indeed be thought of as an artistic community complete with it's leaders, spokesmen, innovators, aficionados, members & fans.


Tropical paradise about usJazz Festival Beach. Anguilla Jazz Festival at Frangipani Beach Club on Meads Bay

The stage is set on Meads Bay for The 4th Annual Anguilla Jazz Festival March 19 – 21, 2008.

Vocal performers at this year’s Anguilla Jazz Festival are:
Sherry Butler Wilson
Jeannine Brooks
The Jimmy “Doc” Regan Jazz Quartet
Patti Wicks
Tim Eyerman (saxophonist)
Tickets for Saturday night are $40 U.S.
Here’s the Anguilla Jazz Festival nightly line up:
On Friday, March 19, 2008 at 6:30, the Anguilla Jazz Festival opens at the Restaurant Frangipani at Frangipani Beach Club on Anguilla’s Meads Bay.
On Saturday, March 20th at 8pm, the festival is on the main stage on the pool terrace of Frangipani Beach Club.
On Sunday, March 21st at Noon there is a jazz jam session.


Jazz Festival Beach: the Anguilla Tourist Board will be hosting the Tranquility Jazz Festival from November 10– 14, 2009.


This auspicious musical event is recognized as a destination marketing tool capable of building recognition for the island in its major markets, and providing benefits that will accrue to all sectors of the local economy. It will provide visitors to the island with the opportunity to experience not only its world-class beaches, the warmth and friendliness of its people, the eclectic cuisine, the varied art forms, and the variety of activities available in, on and away from the water, but also the opportunity to experience jazz at its best in an unparalleled ambience of serene sophistication.
The three day event will take place at Sandy Ground, and will feature two exciting nightly performances as well as a relaxing Sunset Jazz on the Beach session on the last day of the event.

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