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Tropical Paradise, Kitesurfing in Anguilla
With Judd on the Buggy

Tropical Paradise, Kitesurfing in Anguilla

Tropical Paradise, Kitesurfing in Anguilla

I looked in the map many times, searching for Island of adventure vacation, until one day my daughter told me that she is moving to Anguilla.

"Anguilla?" I asked her. "Yes!!" She said. "What will I do there for vacation?" I asked.

My answer came as soon as I lended in Anguilla.
So many activities!!!!!!! My daughter, Tal and the rest Tropical Paradise team made sure that I will not be resting for a second!! I got some kitesurfing lessons, which was magic! I had a Buggy ride on Judd's Buggy through beautiful sandy ways, all the way to Savannah beach. It was wild!

Also I've got to visit the Island not far, Saint Martin, where I did a wonderful diving with Thierry and my daughter, saw unique animals and reef and even took some underwater photos!

We went to party at the evening and enjoy a wonderful restaurants and bars in Saint Martin and also in Anguilla.

I had a magic trip in Anguilla!! It was not my first and defenatly not the last! Tropical Paradise team, with my daughter inside, are taking care of me on each visit I have. Thank you (-:

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