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Morgan and Olivier's Paradise adventure

Tropical Paradise, Diving in Saint MartinMorgan at Cove beach

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Olivier discovered the magic of the kite

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Morgan and Tal at Le Galion beach

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Sunset on Shoal Bay beach

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Olivier is rock and roll

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Visiting Anguilla

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Morgan relaxing

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Sweet Patricia, the Casa Ti Case villa owner with Olivier

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Morgan is enjoying every moment....

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Olivier also enjoys every moment....

More than 2 weeks that we are back and the images and memories in spite of the cold are always quite present in our heads.

We met Thierry on a forum of mountain board where it came to do a little pub for his site Tropical Paradise. It was approximately 8 months ago.

Initially we decided to go to spend one week to Egypt this autumn to make kite. But with the wire of the newsletters of Thierry always so marvelous, and some exchanges of mails, we changed our mind: even if it means to wait a few months to put a little more under side, we will go in Anguilla.

We bought 2 flights for Saint Martin's day, and for the Thierry remainder very organized. I say well VERY organized and reserved. The dream began on February 03 with 10h30: we leave our very fresh Lorraine for Saint Martin's day. 14h30 local time, we land with the international airport of SXM. To make us have patience at the time of the formalities a local group plays celebrates it "Ba moin Ti bo, two Ti bo, three Ti bo doudou...", does not have there a doubt we are in the Antilles. The recovered bags, we leave thinking of finding a counter to find the car rented by Thierry. Instead of that two charming young ladies await us with a great smile and a sign with my first name. Karine (the owner of the agency of loc) and his/her small sister-in-law (one works in family with SXM Location) came not only to accommodate us, but they bring us directly to our bungalow (with the other end of the island) where us our car waits. On the way they describe us the local life, advise us sympathetic corners... We do not return from there. The magic began well and it will not leave until our departure.

Around 04 PM we arrived at “Cul de Sac”, we took the car (small very practical car, the only trick it is that here all the cars are automatically and that we do not know ourselves too to use them: that does not come quickly from problem). Karine us warmed to pay attention to the BUMP not always announced (yes I confirm there are all of them the 10m, diverting at the beginning, but allowing final to a little better observe the local life and landscapes).

There Patricia (the owner of our Casaticase bungalow arrive smiling to welcome us. She take us to our box with kisses, and there incredible: what we see corresponds completely so that we had discovered little time before leaving on the site, and even still better because the noise of the sea is heard. We had trusted Thierry and it held without we seeing the photographs of the place. To describe the magic of this place: lengthened on the back, in the medium of the bed King size, we see our toes, at the end of our toes, the swimming pool turquoise blue with overflow and at the end of the swimming pool, the sea and the Pinel island. The box is decorated in a merry way with lot of taste. A small arranged rum bottle awaits us, just like the necessary one for the breakfast of the following day. For the evening? No the problem, it takes on board us with it and his/her friends for a concert rock'n'roll on the beach and a dinner with the restaurant if it is not reception that!!

At the end of the afternoon Thierry and Tal came to bring our toys to us: Kite Switchblade 10, X Bow 12, and 2 boards in the bag of Cabrinha golf, ordered few days earlier on Tropical-paradise. We were super glad to have our gear, but we was especially happy to finally meet these young grooms, the Web it is well but to be able to touch it is better.

We passed the evening with Patricia, Bruno and their friends in a bar thus which made a concert and where we discovered rum and in particular Mount Gay (my my mia). Slept at midnight is 5h French hour.

at 9 am Monday first kite lessons to the Winds adventure on the East magic Bay. Stop, teachers very cool, gear “nickel”. Olivier has progressed good, me I had nevertheless of evil to leave my large “Ass” to the water.

we kite either the morning or the afternoon what enabled us to also benefit from the island. We unfortunately could not visit the 32 beaches, good excuse to go back there. We particularly liked “Baie aux Prunes” and “Anse Marcel”.

One of the very good memory was our meeting with Gaëtan and Muriel (people from the same area) where we bought a splendid lobster close to Sandy Ground.

Bad in fact the mosquitoes eated Olivier with SXM and me in Anguilla.

We finished our holidays by 2 days on Anguilla with the hotel Ferry Boat Inn managed by Marjorie. House, feet in water front of Saint Martin's day, happiness (thank you still for the booking Thierry).

In Anguilla the beaches are as beautiful the ones as the others Go, Cove, Crocus, Meads and Shoal Bay are those which we did. Kite on the 2 first where we were alone and where I finally drew my first “ride”. It was magic the more so as the place was amazing, turquoise water and especially mark we were alone with our kite and our board in water: no stress to wound a person or to be made cut the lines... In Crocus we dive with mask and tuba on the right part of the beach along the rocks. We saw not badly fish and in particular Dory (for those which saw Némo). And then Meads and Shoal Bay it was “ballade” hand in the hand, paradisiacal beach, turquoise water and there still only.
Shoal Bay made saying left the 10 more beautiful beaches of the world...

What marked us in Anguilla it is the kindness of the people living on the island: one sees you looking for your way: there is already a person with your door which requires of you where you wish to go. Once one required our road of an American “old man”, it took its car to guide us until the place where we wished to go.

The holidays finished as they had started: Karine came to seek us with the Ferry, one drank a coffee together with her husband, spent a super moment then it has to nicely redeposit us with the airport.

The Master word of the holidays was "languor", word which us Martine a friend had left Patricia to describe the atmosphere of the island and I must say that we adapted very well there... but there was also: kite, meetings, reception, kindness, burst, splendid, dream


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