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My India Travel Journey - Part 2

My India Travel Journey was more magic than I even thought it would be.
I said "Wow" again and again... India never stopped to surprise me...

From Agra I took a local bus to Jaipur, the pink city. Built of pink stucco in imitation of sandstone, the city is remarkable among pre-modern Indian cities for the width and the red-pink colors of its structures. I saw allot of Palaces at the area and also a special quarter called - The Palace quarter which has amazing Palaces all over, such as Majestic City Palace, the splendid Jantar Mantar, the glorious Hawa Mahal, the history laced Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh Fort and more.


Namaste, ap kaise?(=hello, how are you?)

tropical paradise
The amazing Pink city - topview. Jaipur

tropical paradise
Typical Rikshaw driver at Varanasi

Israel, March 2007
The holy body-burn at Gangas River

Don't like the press, I guess...Kolkata

tropical paradise
Varanasi kids

tropical paradise
Hindi fellow prays on holy Gangas River

tropical paradise
Typical street in Hampi

Israel, March 2007
Hampi jewelery seller

Israel, March 2007
Tropical Paradise. Goa

tropical paradise
Free as a butterfly. Goa


It was the monsoon time during my India travel journey, so there where almost no tourists at middle and south India. From time to time it was crazy raining and than the sun came out and the heat was very high, very dry. But none of the weather phenomenon interrupted at all my spiritual journey in India....
My India travel journey in Jaipur was magical. I met allot of locals, even manage to communicate because I've learned some Hindi words during my trip...I enjoyed the local food, the smells and the visions and thanks to my loneliness and my freedom, I met allot of interesting people on this trip, some locals, some tourists.
Clothing, Stones as Precious & Semiprecious, Marble & Granites, jewlery, handicrafts and Textiles, electronics and more are keeping Jaipur as the major business centre for the natives of Rajasthan with all requisites of a metropolitan city. The city of Jaipur, painted in pink, has lots of flee markets, crazy roads traffic of Rikshaws, bicycles and animals everywhere on the roads.
I have spent few days in Jaipur, hypnotized from the place and the people, when I realized that my time is getting shorter, so I took a 5 hours bus to Delhi, as a connection stop before I moved on (with 16 hours train!!!) to Varanasi.

Varanasi is not easy to understand or even to describe.
My India travel journey in Varanasi was different experience from the other cities I have visited.
Varanasi is the cultural capital of India and the oldest living city in the world. Varanasi is a holy India city, where both death and life come together. Old people from all over India coming from distance places to spend their last days in this world at the holy city, just so they will be able to immerse the ashes of their kin in the Ganga's water after their death. Ganga River is worshipped and venerated as Goddess in Hindu religion.

I took a room at an old guesthouse not far from the Gangas river. Every morning, after breakfast only, I walked to the river and I saw the burning ceremonies of the dead bodies. It was amazing to see. The Hindis cover the body with flowers, candles and wrap in white and also in yellow, red and golden cloth. After long prayers and walking in circles around the body, the put wooden sticks on it, from top to bottom and than took sand and throw it all over the body while they keep on praying and shouting loudly.

During my India travel journey in Varanasi, I walked through the oldest and most famous narrow and winding lanes of the city, past the endless human panorama - pilgrims, worshipers, children selling flowers and floating lights to place in the river, old flee markets ladies sellers and more...
I took a boat ride on River Ganges at the sunrise. As my boat glided along the river and the light was magical. I saw Hindu pilgrims descending down to the riverside to perform centuries old rituals that by immersing the body in the holy Ganges or by dying in Varanasi, it removes one from the cycle of birth and death. Also I saw the morning prayers from the boat. It was stunning. I did one of the traditional ceremonies where you are putting candles in small paper cups with flowers into the water.

The Gangas River is used for everything in Varanasi. People washing themselves, their clothes, their belongings and on the same time they through the dead person's ashes into the holy water. Many people even put the water into their mouths, again for religious purposes as well as brushing their teeth.
During my India travel journey in Varanasi I have designed myself a dress from an amazing material in a tiny place at a small alley at the city. It was so small, that when I wore the dress up on my head, I touched the ceiling and an ants nest that was apparently situated right above me, fell right into my dress and spread all over my body....

My next destination in my India travel journey (16 hours train!! but it's a piece of cake for me now...) was Kolkata.

Kolkata (Calcutta) is third most populated city in India and it is India's second largest city and the capital of West Bengal. I discovered that Kolkata is full of life and busy streets and roads and has almost entirely a British style and creation. There are lots of malls and even yellow cabs driven around. It was amazing to see during my India travel journey the huge differences between the areas and cities in India. Just not too long ago I was in Varanasi, the oldest city in India and now I'm in Kolkata, modern and beautiful clean a different world.

In Kolkata I've spent one night and took a short flight to Goa.

Goa is a tropical paradise.
As I landed, 20 cabs drivers jumped on me, trying to have me use their services for an astronomic prices (in Rupees, of course)....
I've decided I want to reach Anjuna Beach, which is not far from Panaji, the state's capital. The beach is famous for its stunning natural beauty with swaying palms trees and soft powered white sands.
So I started to communicate with 3 young guys from Texas that flew with me into Goa and I convinced them to join me on my India travel journey to Anjuna, so we grabbed a cab and I saved lots of money for that trip...(-;. As we arrived to Anjuna, they realized it is off-season and left to a different destination. I kept on my India travel journey alone again.

Goa is stunning. All the way to Anjuna, there were amazing natural beauty gardens, with swaying palms trees and rice fields, rivers and white sanded beaches.

I came to Goa at the off-season, the monsoon times. There was no one. I was absolutely alone. Just the locals and me. I have hired a scooter but I never drove a scooter in my life, not a bike or any 2 wheels vehicle. It is a very easy process in India, they don't check if you have driving license for vehicles.

And I flew. I met an Austrian guy, who lives in Goa for many years and with him, we drove from beach to beach, from path to path and I was the happiest person on the planet. In Goa I had allot of thinking time, I wrote books, I listened to music and I have been all by myself for one month. I enjoyed the beaches alone and I haven't seen even one tourist anywhere. The only white person I saw was the Austrian guy, but he introduce me Goa's beaches for a few days and than he was gone somewhere else.

During my stay in Goa, I traveled also to an amazing city called Hampi (9 hours bus ride!!).

Hampi is located in the central part of the state of Karnataka, in the southern part of India. The area of Hampi is protected by the river Tungabhadra in the north and by rocky granite stones on other three sides.
Amazing vision. The city surrounded by round stones everywhere. Like an imaginary painting. I visited the most interesting places such as Virupaksha temple with its 50m high gopuram, Hemakunta Hill with ruins of Jain temples and a monolithic Sculpture of Narasimha, Vittala Temple,Sule Bazar, Achutaraya Temple, Purandaradasa Mandapa, Royal Center that has Lotus Mahal, the queen's bath and Elephant stables and more...

I have stayed in a local guesthouse in Hampi for one week and than went back to Goa, enjoying Panaji city and Anjuna beach for a few more days, before I took a plane back to Israel, through Delhi, where my spiritual amazing India travel journey ended.

India is part of my heart forever.

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