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The Stephanator

The Stephanator

The Stephanator
Michael Schitzhofer Profile
Tarifa - From a Different Angle

Happy New Year! Have you managed your first kite session of 2012 yet? We've had some very strong winds last week in the UK, gusting up to 70Mph in some places! Issue 31 is already under construction at the office, but we wanted to take the time to let you know that Issue 30 is still out there, just in case you missed something the first time round!

Here are some links to this issues featured articles which we hope will help pass the time when it's not windy!

The Stephanator

Steph Bridge deserves a huge amount of respect, 4 times World Champion in racing, super mum to the Bridglets, wife to Eric and big wave slayer it's an amazing tale that should have been told sooner!

Michael Schitzhofer Profile

Michael started off as a young grom years ago; he can now almost grow a moustache! His wisdom on the sport defies his tender years and he rips on the water.

Tarifa - From a Different Angle

It's winter so time to think about travelling again, it's been a while since we have been to Tarifa, and we'd almost forgotten how good it was!


Christian and Karine check in all the way from Brazil, just don't ask them about dodgy Internet connections and losing all their hard work! Expect to improve your riding as usual!

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

As part of our travel feature, we ask the question would you be better off staying at home? Dom Moore and Jeremie Tronet battle it out.

Land of the Longest Lefts

Peru is home to not one, but 2 of the longest left hand point breaks in the world, Lee Harvey checks them out.

The Magic Number

4 Freestyle kites and 2 Freeride machines make the test this issue, including the Best GP, North Vegas, Ocean Rodeo Razor, Slingshot Fuel, Blade Trigger and the Flysurfer Unity.

It's Always Summer on the Inside

A look at modern wetsuits specifically designed for kitesurfers; if your wetsuit legs suffer from "ballooning" you'll want to read this...

Wetsuit Test and Review

4 Suits tested and some others that make our recommendation list; don't freeze this winter!

Readers Gallery

More shots of you getting radical on the water this issue, we reckon you spend more time kiting than we do!


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