Iksurf Issue 39 Featured Articles

by Alex Chater

We are really pleased to announce Issue 39 of IKSURFMAG has gone live!

Whilst we have been enjoying the sunshine outside the office of late, it has left us rather windless and lacking our fix of the greatest sport ever! We hope you have managed to find some time on the water where you are...

In case you are sat basking in the sun dreaming of wind, why not check out these featured articles from Issue 39 with direct links to each one, just in case you missed one in the latest issue!



Win a GoPro Hero 3 this issue!


A few words from our editor, it seems even the cold weather has got to him this issue!

Tom Court VS Craig Cunningham

We put the two North teammates to the test asking the same questions and judging the different answers...

Kitesurfing Originals - Kristin Boese

Kristin is one of the hardest working athletes in the industry, she has been there since day one and is still tirelessly enthusiastic about even after all these years!

Time for Something New

Yoav Barlev decides to seek out an adventure somewhere totally different and ends up discovering Panama.


Christian and Karine are in Sri Lanka at the moment but still took the time to send us a couple of moves to get to grips with!

Kite Test

A mixed bag of kites and boards this issue the brands start looking to 2014 already!

And much more...

And once again, they picked up on my GoPro Photo, click here

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