IKsurf Issue 26 Featured Articles

by IKSurf Mag
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IKsurf Issue 26 Featured Articles

IKsurf Issue 26 Featured Articles

IKsurf Issue 26 Featured Articles

It seems the wind is finally back for most of the UK, we had a stellar 8 days in a row last week and the North looks to be getting some wind this week too. We hope you have been out there enjoying it wherever you are!

Here are some links to this issues featured articles which we hope will help pass the time when it's not windy!


Sisters Are Doing It...

Holly, Nicky and Hannah are here to entertain us, the girls spent the winter wearing bikinis and training in Australia, need we say more?

A Man of Many Talents

Mathematician, Cinematographer, Musician and Pro Rider, James Boulding has quite a lot going for him at the moment!

Don't Hassle the Hosp

We catch up with Julian Hosp, one of the top judges on the PKRA tour to ask him about juggling an education, kitesurfing and one of the toughest jobs around.

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