How To Control Kite

How to control kite is one of the main things a rider has to know in order to enjoy a safe, fun and professional kite session. Here are some tips on how to control kite

There are several kite controlling techniques that you have to know before you even think of get into the water.Controlling
You have several ways to control power of kite. We reccommend you to understand all of them. After knowing them, you could choose using the ones that you are most comfortable with.


The first thing you should know is how to depower the kite,
in case you would need it on emergency moment. Practic on depower the kite a number of times to be familiar with the process and feel the reduction in power. The most common way to depower the kite is to hook-in the chicken loop (which is connected to the front lines) and then move the bar away for less power and pull the bar toward your body for more power.

In order to know how to control kite while you are falling from the board,
practice by body dragging with one hand, try to control the kite with one hand only. Another way (which is a must in order to continue riding) is to learn how to start from water and how to control the kite while you are getting up on the board.

Speed controlling is very important in order to decrease or increase the power of the kite by controlling its flying speed. For beginners, the faster the kite carries you, you will have less control on your riding. The more you practice, the better control you will have on your kite, and therefore on your board too.

Practice on flying the kite. One of the easiest answers to - how to control kite is simply bring it up to the wind window edge and try to move it in an "8" pattern or up and down pattern. Knowing to control the kite best way will allow you after to perform different kite tricks and jumps while riding on the water.

Knowing all those controlling the kite techniques will not only make you a confident kitesurfer with advanced skills, but it is also very neccessary for your safety while riding in the water.

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