Hi, I'm Oz from France, 35 years old and I live in St Martin, FWI.

by Oswen Corbel
(Saint Martin)

I started very young sailing in St Pierre et Miquelon, where it's cold! Back in France I never tasted water coz I was always raining and stormy. In 2000 I went to La Reunion island in Indian Ocean and I sat to think about life and what i wanted to do. I never forgot the attractive power of the sea, and the pleasures with my father when we sailed. I decided to go this way, to be proud of me, doing something with ecological thoughts, by and with nature. I started to give sailing lessons for free and then went back in France to get diplomas. I became sailing instructor and kayaking guide in Brittany where I spent 3 years in an amazing place. I've windsurfed, sailed, kayaked, and meet good people. We also made lot of parties!! But at the end, I wanted to travel again. As a young boy, I saw a lot of people on boats coming from the Caribbean to head back in Europe, so I wanted to see that. Caribbean. Why people go there.. I found a job in St Martin, in a watersport, and then decided to create my own company. I bought kayaks and started like that, with a truck and my stuff. It was very difficult, but when you do it for yourself, you never give up!

Now, I'm located in Cul de Sac, near Pinel Island, and I rent kayaks. I bought SUP boards that I also rent, and when I can, I go surf with it. It's a new pleasure for me, something that I never thought possible for me: being a surfer. Surfing over the reef with friends is very exciting! When it's windy, I take my windsurf board and usually go for the day. Nature. Time. Beauty.

That's why I'm here. Taking my time, friends, enjoying a cool way of life. That's what we are made of. Like kitesurfers, surfers, windsurfers, sailors. Love being on the sea. Stopping, looking at the sky, watching for the birds, crossing turtles or stingrays...

In the next weeks, I'm going back to my first love: sailing. In regattas. And I could not leave this place..

Live your passion, share it, spread the word, and respect nature.

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