Greece, Pounda, Parikia Paros Island, Paros Kiteboarding Center - 210

by George Georgoudakis
(Pounda Paros Island Greece)

Welcome to the official IKO center, a shallow-watered shoreline with a sandy bottom, ideal side shore wind conditions, and a long sandy beach offer the beginner, intermediate, or advanced kite boarder or windsurfer the opportunity for the perfect experience holidays. Most importantly, our experienced, IKO-certified instructors and windsurf instructors can advance the novice to the experienced rider level by level safely and at one’s own speed.

The wind is side shore and very steady, with smooth water. During the summer “meltemi” is blowing between 10 to 30 knots and the variation is +/- 2 or 3 knots max! We offer Kiteboarding & windsurfing lessons and rentals. Our rental equipment is upgraded every year.

Many famous pro-riders, visit and ride in our beach very often, cause of our unique conditions and hospitality, also the spot is a official PKRA and KPWT beach in Greece. In rare case of no wind there are many activities to do here, like PADI scuba diving couses, stund up padling (SUP), Down winders, Canoe, Kayak, Snorkeling dives, Wakeboarding, boat trips, and more...

IKO School & Windsurf school
Our Kite boarding Center is the first IKO approved school in Greece with the best and most experienced IKO qualified instructors.
The windsurf center – school exists since 1992, hundreds of windsurfers all around the world was our students and we are very proud of it. We have the ideal conditions along with the latest technology equipment including: NAISH Kiteboarding, and windsurfing equipment from NAISH Windsurfing and Starboard.

The kite school is based on the IKO teaching program with kite boarder levels 1, 2, 3. Upon completion of training, our qualified instructors certify the level of our students with the IKO kite boarder card.

The school’s policy asks all students to wear appropriate safety gear, which is included in the lesson price. All the kite control bars which are used by the instructors for the students and the rentals are fitted with safety release and leash that have been tested by the instructors and are in100% working order.
All students learn how to use the safety systems from the first lesson. Lessons are given only while the wind conditions are below 20 knots. Most importantly, we have NEVER had an accident in our center!!!

Paros Surf Shop
Our surf shop is #1 in the Greek islands offering the kite boarder or windsurfer everything he/she needs for equipment, including kites, sails, kite boards, windsurf boards, wakeboards, kite bars, lines, safety systems, de-power systems, musts, booms, fins, accessories, clothing etc., new or used Kiteboarding, or windsurfing equipment from Eclipse, Best, Naish, Cabrihna, and accessories from Da Kine, also clothing from: Fox Racing, Spy optics, Sea Speaks and more…

Beach Bar Restaurant
Our bar offers soft drinks, fresh fruit juices, 18 different kinds of beer, alcoholic drinks, many kinds of sandwiches, several kinds of salads, Greek platters with a variety of dishes, and a lot of ice creams and cocktails.

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