Finding a Caribbean kite cruise: Kitesurfari SXM by Em

by Em

Finding a Caribbean kite cruise: Kitesurfari SXM by Em

Finding a Caribbean kite cruise


This website gathers together all the professionals in the Caribbean offering

kiteboarding charters: over 20 skippers, offering custom made kite

cruises in 25 different destinations.

This network has been created to allow kitesurfers to find in a few clicks the

kite cruise matching their requirement, to compare all the available services and itineraries, and mainly, to access the skippers public prices and allow direct contact with them, without intermediary.

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The services available on board a kitesurfing charter

Today, a kite cruise can offer many variables in terms of services, with highly diversied additional activities: surely kitesurfing is the main topic, yet, just like any other boat charter, there are different type of services provided aboard as well as a wide range of options that can be included.

A kitesurfing boat trip always includes some sailing yet some may long for true sailing experience with a qualified sailing instructor able to certify them, just like others may simply want a boat and a skipper with local knowledge to go kiteboarding along the islands in an adventurous and roots way, while some may actually want to pamper themselves with an all inclusive kitesurfing vacation, including cook, full provisioning and the lot!

Anything is possible, it is all up to what riders are after and their budget.

Find below more explanation about what each service or option includes. You can then specify your search (when entering your criterias here on the left) by selecting your preferred service in the "cruise category".

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