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Farm Bloomington Real Food


Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis

The logo designed by T&T

Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis

Daniel and I

Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis

With Tal... enjoying the market

Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis

Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis

Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis

Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis

Daniel and his mom

Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis

Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis

Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis

Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis

Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis

Farm Bloomington Real Food in Indianapolis



Farm Bloomington Real Food, a new restaurant. I have already introduced my friend Daniel Orr few months ago.

This time, I went with Tal toi Indianapolis to visit his new restaurant Farm Real Food in Bloomington. Daniel asked us to design logo, website, flyer and packaging for this new unique restaurant. It was 3 magic days during we visit the area and enjoy his food with his family.

Thanks again Daniel and your Mom & Dad for your welcome and your love...

Let’s let Daniel introduce his own idea, you’re going to love it...

Farm Bloomington Real Food:
the idea is a simple one.

FARM is about enjoying and celebrating healthy, pure, locally grown and produced foods and products.

Yes, it will feature organic, natural, handmade products, but check the cliches regarding organic and all natural at the door.

This is NOT a kitchen where traditional foods have been replaced by soy-based imposters just to make ultra-healthy and socially conscious claims. It is a place that celebrates the higher quality, healthful merits and delicious character of the foods delivered by local producers.

And, it is a place where those who dine vegetarian may find well balanced choices and where carnivores may enjoy the best, carefully produced meats.

At FARM, artisans are an integral component in preserving the tradition, culture and flavor of southern Indiana. Chef Daniel Orr will embrace locally-grown ingredients to create a fresh, exciting, and modern seasonal menu.

One can stop by for a snack of Hoosier tapas and wine, a full meal or simply a slice of absolutely "REAL" pie and a glass of milk.

There is a youthful buzz about the place, filled with a mix of both young and old. Maybe its the soundtrack classic, upbeat, distinctive, intellectual music playing in the background.

Maybe its the decor... modern, vibrant, simple and approachable that makes people want to linger and play with their spoons in their coffees.

The room is neither formal nor casual. It is both. It could be anything. This clientele, 20-80+ years old, living in and around a university, as well as the foodie-road-trippers trekking from afar, know the restaurant experience they are seeking. They normally dress well, even hip in an urban sense, but always with a casualness.

They are here to relax and enjoy, not to be educated. They dont need to learn this lifestyle, they already live it. Guests with children feel comfortable knowing there are nutritious options and understanding service for young ones too.

All of this, the food, music, decor, even the spirit of FARM creates energy... a feeling that is sexy, innovative, intelligent and meaningful.

The food is smart, but easy to understand... a new kind of comfort food that can be eaten regularly but that is special enough for special occasions. There is an excited eye on the future, respect for history, a passion for tradition and a pure love for that which is made by hand and comes from the heart.

Somehow we feel as if we are doing something positive just by being a part of it.


Farm Bloomington Real Food

Warm century-old wood floors and high tin ceilings make this large sunny room the most hospitable and welcoming in Bloomington to enjoy a meal or snack, and peruse the offerings of unique gift and food items.
Chef/Owner Daniel Orr has come back to his Southern Indiana roots to share his flare with appealing Caribbean, Brazilian and European flavors, while using local, organic, free-range and grass-fed Hoosier products and produce as his flavorful foundation.
Orr creates his food to entice guests with wonderful flavors and aromas. His style is rustically simple, yet quite refined. It is familiar food, but with the chef’s creative culinary touches that definitely set it apart


Lunch, dinner Tuesday through Saturday and brunch on weekends are served in the main dining room. The menu changes with the seasons and the chef’s inspiration. Each day the blackboard showcases a list of specials that has regulars showing up early for the best selection.

Most guests share some of the small plates or brick oven gourmet pizzas to start and then select from the larger plates and side dishes. Desserts are like your grandmother’s, but chef Orr has taken them into the 21st century.


Farm Bloomington Real Food: FARMbar

The best of local brews and wines are served side by side with classic and signature cocktails and other beverages from around the world. A great place to stop for some of Daniel Orr’s Hoosier Tapas (small plates of interesting snacks) and a glass of wine before the theater and return afterward for desert and bourbon later.

Sit in the window and watch the world go by or sneak back to the bar for a more romantic atmosphere.


Farm Bloomington Real Food:
The Root Cellar at FARM

The basement venue for blues, bluegrass and other music performed by local and nationally known musicians. Open weekend evenings and for private events and cocktail parties.

To get free recipes by Chef Daniel Orr, please click here...


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