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Family vacation trip planner Snorkeling dayFamily vacation trip planner Snorkeling day is designed to help you plan a magical day exploring the amazing underwater life in the Caribbean.

Snorkeling is it safe, easy, enjoyable, and in many ways more relaxing than being on land. Done correctly, snorkeling offers a multitude of educational and physical rewards and it is a unique activity, different from any other kind of family activities.
On land we relate to the world vertically. In the water we’re horizontal.
On land we can breath through our nose. With a mask and snorkel breathing is by mouth only.

Family vacation trip planner as the snorkeling vacations are one of the most ideal family activities.


One of snorkeling’s great attributes is it’s app eal to participants of all ages. The average snorkeling members is moving from the age of eight to eighty years old (and there are cases of olders!!). But perhaps the greatest distinction is that people of varied ages can easily join each other when snorkeling and experience a similar sense of joy. Children, parents, even grandparents can all do this together.
To include the snorkeling day inside your family vacation trip planner it is a must.


SNORKELING {trip tintamarre island}
40 dollars
30 euros
SNORKELING {trip green cay island}
15 dollars
12 euros

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