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Renegade Kite

Tropical Paradise Kiteaddict

Renegade Epic Kites Red

Throughout 2011, the RENEGADE was the kite that everyone was talking about! The response was amazing from riders across the globe with varied riding styles and..

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Screamer Kite

Tropical Paradise Kiteaddict

Screamer Epic Kites Red

2011 was an amazing year for EPIC kites. People loved the way the SCREAMERS flew but we wanted to build on this amazing model and make it even better...

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Judge Kite

Tropical Paradise Kiteaddict

Screamer Epic Kites Red

And as if that's not enough, we eagerly welcome our new C kite, this kite to the Epic family of kites. The Judge is a true C kite with the benefits of modern relaunch and safety.

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Introducing Epic Kites Kitesurfing 3G - (3rd Generation)

Our 2012 gear line is exciting, inventive and has an updated approach. We are looking at kite development a little differently, and the results are truly exciting. Epic is turning 3! And to celebrate, we're coming out with a line of third generation kites (3G). We see no value to the rider in using a model number or year on kites. We make the best gear, and sometimes we're so excited we bring it out as soon as possible without regard to what other companies are doing. Like the Renegade 13 meter limited edition for example. We couldn't keep it all to ourselves, so it was released early. On the other hand, sometimes our ideas take a little more time to refine, like the new Judge C kite which is just now being introduced mid-season. All of our kites have new concepts applied and a very fresh, unique look. As a matter of fact, the graphics on our kites are pretty awesome.

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