Elisa Castillo Theron, Cumaná, Sucre’s State of Venezuela

by Elisa Castillo Theron
(Cumaná, Sucre’s State of Venezuela)

Elisa the water girl

Elisa the water girl

Where are you from?
I´m from Cumaná, Sucre’s State of Venezuela.

Your age?
I’m 21 years old.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Margarita Island and I grew up in Caracas and Cumaná

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Well, first my passion is kite surfing. I love travelling, being in
natural places and animals. I love being inside the ocean scuba
diving, snorkelling, kite surfing, windsurfing or any other activities
in the ocean. I am a very natural, easy going, happy and very
friendly girl.

My favorite music is reggae or any kind of chill out music.


Interested in..?
I have a tourism company so I am very interested in promoting tourism
in Venezuela especially in Sucre State.

I love Venezuelan and Italian food

My mom! She is an amazing woman strong, independent and she taught me
everything I know. Ruben Lenten because he is my favorite kite surfer!

Favorite kite/surfing spots for you?
Well, here in Venezuela its Los Muertos Beach in the Peninsula of
Araya in Sucre State; Tortuga Island; El Yaque and Cocos beach in
Margarita Island; Adicora beach in Falcon State; and Lido Beach in
Anzoategui State.

How long have you been doing this?
I have been doing this for about three years now and everyday I learn
something new. And I get better!


Why kite/surfing?
In my opinion it’s the best water sport! Kite surf is a sport about
speed and adrenaline. You also need to have a good physical and mental
attitude. It gives you the best feeling in the world when you can
move on the water and when you land that first jump.

What does your family think of this?
Well, they think that kite surf is an awesome sport but they know that
it’s also a very dangerous sport. And they always tell me that I
have to be careful but at the same time they are happy for me and
proud of me.


What does this sport mean to you?
Kite surfing is the best sport I have ever known! Because you are in
the water and you can fell the wind, the power, and adrenaline rush
and I can feel free!

Favorite tricks?
My favorite tricks are back loop, front loop, kite loop, deadman, bone
and back roll. The best one is the unhook raley with front loop!

What does this sport demand of you?
A lot of mental preparation and being a daredevil. This sport makes
you face your fears but in the long run its so worth it. I wouldn’t
change it for anything in the world!


Have you ever been in an accident?
No. Thank God!

Vision...you wishes for the future….
Well, I will love to be in the PKRA 2009 and maybe become a
professional or just a really good rider. That would be the best
thing ever!


Some last personal words to other water sports lovers...
All of the water sports are great but the best one is the Kite surf!
It’s the best feeling in the world to able to be in the water, feeling
the wind, flying, just being free! I am very lucky to be able to do

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Sep 29, 2008
she makes unhook she pass me !!
by: Anonymous


Sep 10, 2008
half a stick....
by: Angel

Chama medio palo... La mejor de Cumana pal' Mundo... Un besote

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