Dominican Republic Kiteboarding Accommodation

Eight days out of ten are good for kiteboarding most time of the year!

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Dominican Republic Kiteboarding
Dominican Republic Kiteboarding most recommended accommodation by us is the Sea Lane beachfront rentals.


We always dreamt to visit and kite in Cabarete but we were never sure where we can find the best accommodation that will include the perfect conditions for kitesurfers, good services and with reasonable prices.

And then we met Eric.

Eric is the owner of Sea Lane Ocean Dream Residence which is a beautiful apartment rental, located at the center of Cabarete, one of the best spots for kiting at the Caribbean.

Like me (Thierry), Eric was initially a windsurfer cruising the world in search of fantastic waveriding conditions : He discovered Cabarete and the joy of Kitesurfing around the same time and decided to settle there as the place had everything he ever wanted : a very international crowd, great nightlife , restaurants and worldclass conditions for surfing and kitesurfing. Since then his 2 daughters 13 and 18 have become addicted to kiting as well.

Dominican Republic Kiteboarding spot: warm wind, turquoise water and wind every day...
The Eastern Trade Winds and warm, turquoise ocean waters, make it an ideal playground for windsurfing and kitesurfing from around the world. Even if you don't participate in these sports you'll find the colorful sails and kites flying in the Bay an amazing sight to see!

The action doesn't stop here when the sun sets. Restaurants and bars lining the beach beckon you with candlelit tables, culinary treats, and views of the ocean Bay and star filled sky.
Eight days out of ten are good for kiteboarding most time of the year!

Dominican Republic KiteboardingWe recommend on Sea Lane accommodation. See more details.

Dominican Republic Kiteboarding: hot night life...
The nightlife heats up when friendly people from all over the world, gather to share refreshing cocktails and dance to world beats. Sleep is a must for the next day's activities, but it will be hard to tear yourself away from the fun!
Dominican Republic Kiteboarding: sweet appartments and studios...

So Eric bought some apartments and rent them for beach lovers. Situated right on the beach, in the center of the famous Cabarete bay, Ocean Dream offers luxurious and spacious 2 and 3 bedroom condos as well as studios built by well-known developer Georges Coutu.

All of our units are surrounded by gorgeous tropical gardens, 7 swimming pools, a Plaza with a variety of boutiques, and all within the comfort of a very secure gated resort.
In and around Cabarete you will find over twenty-five different style restaurants. Great dinning under the stars with your feet in the sand is less than a ten minute walk from Ocean Dream and Harmony.

Dominican Republic KiteboardingA few of the restaurants turn into discos at night playing a variety of dance music, often with a local flavor like reggaeton. Usually on the weekends one or more of the discos has a DJ from Europe in, so get ready to party Ibiza style with dancing right on the beach.

Dominican Republic Kiteboarding: Caribbean Weather...
The average annual temperature is 25°C (77°F), and only fluctuates by about + or - 2°C, depending on the season.
The 'hottest' months of the year are from June to October, when temperatures during the day remain constant at around 29°C (84°F). In contrast, it's slightly cooler from December to March, with daily highs rising to around 27°C (80°F).
At night temperatures drop by about 5°C, so that you rarely need more than a sheet for covering to sleep comfortably at night.

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