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Diving Nostalgia

Tropical Paradise, Diving in Anguilla

Yep... me in 1977 in Brittany, France

Caribbean Scuba Diving

Caribbean Scuba Diving

Caribbean Scuba Diving

Some diving Nostalgia....
Humans have been diving ever since primitive man was forced to collect food from the sea. In the past, the recovery of valuable goods from shipwrecks forced the invention of experimental diving devices, leading to the diving bell, in which workers could spend periods underwater; and the diving helmet, which was invented by Englishmen Charles and John Deane of Whit stable in 1829.

The history of sport diving can be traced more directly to the invention of the first autonomous diving gear which did not require lines or air hoses to the surface.

The first fully automatic aqualung was developed by the Frenchman Georges Commeinhes. His twin cylinders were used with a full face mask and air escaped from a special valve instead of around the edges of the mask.

The set also had a pressure gauge. The pressure of the cylinder was 150 bars. Meanwhile, Jacques Cousteau, a French Navy officer, was also working to develop an efficient aqualung. In 1942, he combined with engineer Emile Gagnan to produce a new regulator with an inlet and exhaust tube that was fully automatic. The modern aqualung was born!

Before starting open water diving, some basic scuba diving lessons are required. Learning to fit and clear the mask is essential in avoiding panic underwater when the mask might be filled with water, making it impossible to see.

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