Dimitri Maramenides Epic Kites

Dimitri Maramenides Epic Kites Dimitri, I and Judd

Pro Kiteoarder Dimitri Maramenides Epic Kites (June 2010). I have met Dimitri for the first time in Paracuru, Brazil in 2005.
He was riding Air Rush like my buddy Julien Sudrat. I was impressed by his style and since, I always follow this guy… I like so much his old school riding and in the waves, he is a killer.
So during my last trip to Cape hatteras, we met up and spent time together, he is super warm guy and he proposed me, Judd and Greg to to do a downwind and use his new brand Epic Kite.

Dimitri Maramenides Epic Kites: downwind in 40 knots
Voila, with a strong wind, more than 40 knots, we spent all the morning to ride, fly and enjoy so much his kites. I was riding with the 06 Renegade as Greg, Judd was flying the 07 Screamer. We loved his kites, I fell in love with my renegade, nice feeling on the bar and and it is super light and flies so great, the hang timing is awesome and soon I will give a real review with my 09 Renegade that recently bought. Can't wait to ride in waves with this toys.

Dimitri in Action - May 2010

Dimitri Maramenides Epic Kites: 10 years in this Sport
For the past 10 years, Dimitri has been living, breathing, eating and sleeping kiteboarding. It has been his livelihood, his passion and it has worked its way into every part of his being. Kiteboarding has brought him many new friends both personally and professionally. Many of you know the feeling. The winds are up and you can't think of anything else but getting in a session. Riding with friends in great winds is as good as it gets. He has been very fortunate to be able to take my passion to the next level with many successes and some opportunities for improvement.

Dimitri Maramenides Epic Kites
Dimitri and I ready to go...

The word EPIC comes from the Greek EPOS. Epos is a story-myth that includes heroes and brave actions. A new chapter is now opening in his life called EPIC KITES that he will model after this Greek foundation of stories. This company will be a part of him that will show his passion and drive for this sport. Along with Momi as the kite designer and my friends Jeroen and Steven they have created a new line of kites and products to be designed around us, the rider. he ill continue to work on new products going forward with the help of our EPIC team.

so follow this guy and his brand, I believe he is going to change the way we enjoy this sport.

Merci, Dimitri

Dimitri Maramenides Epic Kites
Me, Judd with the 07 Screamer and Greg

Dimitri Maramenides Epic Kites
Me and Greg with 6 Renegade

Dimitri Maramenides Epic Kites

Dimitri Maramenides Epic Kites

Dimitri Maramenides Epic Kites


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