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Competition Kite at Orient Bay,
The Kitesurfing Spot of Saint-Martin.


Competition kite in Saint Martin is a very popular event. Orient beach is the famouse and popular spot for thos events.

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Competition Kite, Saint Martin May 2006

It is organised since the beginning by the Club Nathalie Simon of Saint Martin.

The 2006 kitesurfing event gathered more than 200 international windsurfeurs, kitsurfeurs and sailiers. All ridersinto pushing their race schedule to Saint Martin and competed for the 3,000 €.
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Red Bull Event Competition kite at Orient Bay

As the name implies, Red Bull King of the Air is about air. With that in mind, BIG AIR will be the primary focus again for this year's event. In addition, top scorers will need to integrate multiple maneuvers and technical trick performed in an arena of waves and wind to give the best overall impression.

As kiteboarding grows and evolves, the sport's progression is going in a variety of directions. What distinguishes kiteboarding from other self propelled sports is the incredible height, distance and creative maneuvers performed in the air. Some kiteboarding events focus on more technical tricks derived from wakeboarding and wakeboard style maneuvers, while other events focus more on wave riding.

Competition Kite, Saint Martin May 2006

The platform for Red Bull King Competition kite of the Air is about proving who can do it all; who can impress the spectators and judges with awe-inspiring height and distance, while at the same time mixing in the most impressive maneuvers and technical tricks in the wave-rich venue. It's not a wave riding event, nor is it a wakeboarding event, Red Bull King of the Air encompasses all aspects of the sport.


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