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The Caribbean or the West Indies is a group of countries and islands in the Caribbean Sea. These countries or islands are located from the southeastern areas of Mexico to the northwest of Venezuela in South America. There are at least 7,000 islands, islets, reefs, and cayes in the region. They are organized into 25 territories including sovereign states, overseas departments, and dependencies.



The name "West Indies" originates from Christopher Columbus' idea that he had landed in the Indies (then meaning all of south and east Asia) when he had in fact reached the Americas. The name "Caribbean" is named after the Caribs, one of the dominant Amerindian groups in the region at the time of European contact. The Caribbean consists of the Greater and Lesser Antilles and is often considered part of North America.


Choose Caribbean Island: sea pirates

At one time, there was a short-lived country called the Federation of the West Indies composed of the English-speaking Caribbean islands of the region.
The Caribbean area is also famous for its sea pirates.

The region known is "Caribbean" is usually restricted to the islands of the Caribbean Sea, although sometimes the continental American coastline is included.


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The Caribbean Sea is a tropical body of water adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and southeast of the Gulf of Mexico. It covers most of the Caribbean Plate and is bounded on the south by Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama, to the west by Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, to the north by the Greater Antilles islands of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, and to the east by the Lesser Antilles.


The Caribbean Sea is one of the largest salt water seas and has an area of about 2,754,000 km2 (1,063,000 square miles). The sea's deepest point is the Cayman Trench, between Cuba and Jamaica, at 7500 m (25,000 feet) below sea level.

The entire area of the Caribbean Sea, especially the numerous islands, is known as the Caribbean.



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