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French St. Martin shares this easily-accessible island with Dutch St. Maarten. Here, less than 1250 miles from Miami, travelers discover rolling hills, exceptional beaches, celebrated restaurants, duty-free shopping, interesting historical sites, casinos and colorful markets. A full complement of land and water activities as well as excursions to nearby St. Barth are easily arranged


These Caribbean vacation rentals and Caribbean villas can accommodate families and groups much better than a resort would, and the cost per person is often far less.

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Caribbean rental vacation. Beaches from St Martin

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The entire island has 36 perfect white sand beaches, though there probably are more, ranging from secluded coastal crescents to broad expanses of untouched sand. Beaches are seldom very crowded, even in peak season, and all are easily reached by little roads off the highway.


Tour of French St. Martin's better known beaches, from west to east:

1) Baie Longue, the largest beach, pretty and isolated;

2) Plum Bay, reachable by walking west around Pointe du Canonnier, is small and shady and offers good surfing close to the rocks;

3) Baie Rouge is considered a really beautiful stretch of sand and boasts some nice dive spots;

4) Nettlé Baie stretches between Pierres a Chaux Point and Sandy Ground Bridge right to Marigot Bay, with many access points from the seaside hotels, quite a few watersports and dive operations;


tropical paradise beach sunset


5) Friar's Bay, pretty, very protected, and popular with divers attracted by the beauty of its coral reef;


tropical paradise beach sunset


6) Grand Case, a magnificent arc of crystal-clear water and white sand, calm for swimming and snorkeling, great beachfront restaurants;

7) Anse Marcel, calm and quiet, nicely shady, great for kids;

8) Petites Cayes, the most isolated beach of St. Martin, with access by boat or a 20-minute walk on a coastal trail from Cul de Sac;

9) Grandes Cayes, not really a beach, rather a great dive and surfing site;

10) Cul de Sac is a scenic beach, with fishermen shuttling back and forth to Pinel Island and Tintamarre;

11) Orient Beach, most popular and clothing-optional, busy with dining spots, beach shops, watersports where you will find Casa T Case Villas

12) Baie de l'Embouchure, protected by a coral barrier, it's nice for sailing and wind-surfing; 13) Baie Lucas, good diving from the shady beach; Caribbean rental vacation: Hotel Marquies at Anse Marcel

14) Anse Marcel, overlooking a natural cove, with it's pristine waters, secluded beach, the Marina of Lonvilliers, as well as several restaurants and boutiques. I went to Marquis Hotel magic place, top view.


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