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Caribbean Island Weather

Caribbean Island weather is tropical, meaning it's hot and sunny year-round with very little temperature variation between seasons. Expect an average in the high 80s during the summer, with a drop of only a few degrees for the winter season.

Sun, sand and sea remain the number one reason why so many people choose one of those three Islands at the Caribbean. However the Caribbean remains the number one warm weather destination in the world for good reason. It is fairly easy to reach and the temperatures are a perfect 85 degrees year-round. But the Caribbean is much more.
Anguilla weather
Saint Martin weather
St Barths weather

Wind statistics

Anguilla weather:
The weather in Anguilla is almost perfect all year long, which makes the island a popular vacation destination for thousands of sun-loving travelers. Tourists should expect great weather while visiting this gorgeous island, but should also be prepared for unexpected forecasts, like rainstorms.
The warm tropical temperatures on the island are moderated by breezes from the northeast tradewinds. These refreshing currents make a hot day at the beach a little more comfortable, so you won't be overwhelmed by the sun's sultry rays. Always remember to drink plenty of fluids and wear adequate amounts of sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Anguilla's year-round temperatures hardly ever get below a lovely 70 degrees Fahrenheit, even in the winter time. Travelers can expect highs lingering in the mid 80's on toasty summer days. Because of its location near the equator, temperatures here don't vary drastically throughout the year. Therefore, Anguilla's seasons are based on the amount of rain, resulting in a dry and a rainy season.
Average yearly rainfall is just 35 inches, which is great news for travelers who want to spend time lounging on the island's beautiful beaches.

Saint Martin weather:

The average monthly temperatures in Saint Martin remain remarkably stable, varying by only about 5º Fahrenheit year-round. This stability can be attributed to the tradewinds, which bring refreshing breezes from the northeast throughout the year. Summer is actually a great time to visit the Island because lodging rates are much lower and the beaches, roads and restaurants are not crowded. Of course, winter and the Christmas/New Year holidays are traditionally the most popular time to go. Most holiday reservations are made months in advance.

December through May is considered the dry season, while June through November is considered the more humid season. However, rain showers or clear skies can occur at any time during the year. In general, rainstorms pass quickly and the sun shines on most days. Average air temperatures in coastal areas range from 22º to 30º C (72º to 86º F) and in inland areas, from 19º to 27º C (66º to 81º F). Naturally, travelers will find more rain and cooler temperatures in the rain forests and higher elevations. The warm coastal water temperatures stay between 20º and 23º C (68º and 74º F).

St Barths weather:

St. Barts' weather is near- perfect year round, you'll spend many of your daylight hours on the beaches, either on a lounge chair working on your tan or enjoying watersports. Most of the year, puffy white clouds parade through a clear blue sky, and warm balmy breezes gently ruffle hair and sway palm fronds. It's a T-shirt, shorts and sandals kind of weather, interrupted now and then by a brief tropical shower.
From July to November, however, this halcyon state of affairs may be interrupted by a revolving tropical storm, which, in its mature form, is known as a hurricane.
It's as if all the bad weather we've been spared during the rest of the year has been packed together into one package, to be savored all at once.

Hurricaesn at the Caribbean:
Hurricanes may occur any time from June through November and, historically, the most likely time is during September. Progressive technology brings more sophisticated storm warning systems every year. It is unusual for any one island to be severely affected more than once or twice every 10 years and your actual odds of experiencing a hurricane are very low. Some travelers purchase trip cancellation insurance in advance of travel, particularly during the most active period of the hurricane season.

If you want more information about wind at the Caribbean press here.

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