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Caribbean Cruise or arriving by plane -
Welcome to Anguilla and Saint-Martin.
How to Get there?


Getting there


You have two options with Caribbean cruises or Airplane:
- by air, fly directly into Anguilla via San Juan, which is serviced most conveniently by American Eagle, and also by LIAT;
- or by sea: fly into neighboring St. Maarten (it's a few miles from Anguilla) and ferry over to Anguilla, or take a very short flight on a little plane. Read on for details.

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By Air
There are no direct international flights into Anguilla. The airports of Puerto Rico, St.Maarten and Antigua serve Anguilla. Anguilla is at around fifty minutes flying distance from Puerto Rico, ten minutes from St.Maarten.
There are services to St Maarten and Puerto Rico from USA by American Airlines, Continental, Delta and United.
KLM, and Air France offer direct service to St.Maarten from Europe.
There is a direct British Airways service that flies you directly to Antigua from Britain.
From Puerto Rico, American Eagle provides regular flights to Anguilla.
From St Maarten, WINAIR, LIAT, Tyden Air or Air Anguilla fly regularly to Anguilla.
From Antigua, there are regular flights to Anguilla via LIAT. Carib Air is a charter service connecting Antigua and Anguilla for the travelers of British Airways.


By Caribbean cruises
From St.Maarten, there is a ferry service that operates very frequently hour from 8.00 a.m. until 7.00 p.m. The ferry is a half hour taxi ride from the airport and it takes around twenty minutes from Marigot to Blowing Point in Anguilla.

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