Cape Hatteras Kitesurfing Trip 2009

Cape Hatteras Kitesurfing Trip 2009Cape Hatteras Kitesurfing Trip 2009: Judd and I decided to do a kite trip together for a few days we wanted to go somewhere else, where the palm trees are not bustling in the wind, the water 'is' not turquoise and warm as it always was during our years in the caribbean.

So Judd proposed me to ride Cape Hatteras in November.

The chesapeake is no stranger to adverse conditions and while we were there in mid-november it was not surprising that we became stranded on the island of hatteras with storm surges from hurricane ida.


Mother nature was showing her strong hand so the atlantic ocean side was very rough and messy so we decided it would be safer to ride on the sound side where the water was calm and in certain areas mirror like!  what a dream to kite on flat water...


Cape Hatteras Kitesurfing Trip 2009Cape Hatteras Kitesurfing Trip 2009, tips from

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, is known around the world as the land of kite boarding down winders.

Seventy miles of unlimited access to the water, both sound side and Oceanside, allow riders to pick and choose their perfect-length run. The island bends over its length to create side shore conditions in almost any wind direction.

Cape Hatteras Kitesurfing Trip 2009Combine the fact that it is far off the mainland, and you have the perfect recipe for steady, consistent winds for riding down winders of any distance. We asked Hatteras icon Trip Foreman to share the goods on the locals’ favorite down winders.

Down winders are great for riders of any ability. Beginners benefit from riding downwind as it allows them to concentrate on basic kite and board skills without the worry—or fatigue—of constantly walking back upwind. Intermediates build confidence, steadily increasing their board speed and turns.

Cape Hatteras Kitesurfing Trip 2009Intermediates will also find their best jumping sessions happen when riding downwind. The secret to learning the waves, both jumping and wave riding? Downwind riding.


Advanced riders really turn up the heat during down winders with mind-altering speed, trenching turns and limitless jumping and wave riding. (Source from, author Trip Forman)

The best time to ride over there is between March and November.

Cape Hatteras Kitesurfing Trip 2009You will meet a huge Kiters community and please respect the parking sign and mother Nature, the patrol are everywhere ready to give tickets ;-)


Thanks to Judd for everything, also Melissa, Tanya and Greg.






Cape Hatteras Kitesurfing Trip 2009


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