Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider

Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider, Nomad 2010Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider. I met Cam in Cabarete and we spent some good time in Antigua on Les Belles Yacht. An athlete and worldwide ambassador for kitesurfing, Cameron Dietrich epitomizes the essence of the sport. Adventurous. Technical. And obsessed with all things related to the ocean. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, his natural talents in the water emerged early. He does it all -- from windsurfing to scuba diving and fly fishing. Ultimately, kitesurfing became his sport of choice and he began his 7 year career as a team rider for Cabrinha traveling on tour.

His larger than life persona garnered the respect and admiration from fellow team riders, industry insiders, and those that simply share the same passion he does for kitesurfing. Cameron's innate understanding of the equipment made him an easy choice to work closely in design and development, particularly the evolution of the Bow kite.

Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider: search the ultimate wave
After three and a half years in R&D, he has returned to life on the world tour and the search for the ultimate wave. Over the years, he has appeared in countless magazines worldwide and kiteboarding videos. He currently calls Maui home and when he's not kiting, he enjoys spear fishing, skating, and photography.

Where are you from? I am from Maui, Hawaii.
Your age? Im an 80’s baby
Where did you grow up? I grew up in the caribbean Island of Puerto Rico!
Any kite sponsors? Who? My sponsors are Cabrinha kites, Anon optics, Dakine Surf, Hyperflex Wetsuits, FCS Fins, and Channel Islands Surfboards!

Special achievements...? What kind of special achievements are you looking for? That I can eat 3 taco Salads from taco bell in a row? That I Won the Contest at Real kiteboarding in 04-05. That I helped design the most popular selling kite ever. Riding some isane waves on a kite? There are a few?

Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider: I am a big Harry American Winning Machine

Life occupation besides kite...Humanitarian and Racecar driver are really up high on my list. I mean I AM A BIG HARRY AMERICAN WINNING MACHINE! LOL nah joking I really love to share my passion for kiting with everyone and try to show the different venues like waves that kiting excelles. As of right now all my focus is in kiting and the stock market?

Tell me a little bit about yourself... Well Im 6’1, blond, blue eyes, trained in the secret art of Ninja quan do, I love to have fun, take long walks on the beach, sunsets, and baby tigers! My personal Moto “Rip, Tear, and Lacerate” Some other points, I finished university with Bio Deg enfisis on Marine, and Chem! Was in Loma Linda Medical School then was sponsored by Cabrinha kites and it has lead me here!

Music? Music is one of those Mood things. Lets try a few artists, Mark Farina, Royskopp, Kanye West, Bob M, Jack,

Interested in..? Not fair so many, Art, photography painting design, Music classical chill acustic reagge rap, Health, sport, travel, so many there isnt enough space

Food? Ah a passion right here, bring it and i will try it

Heroes? My father and Mom. David Livingstone,

Favorite kite surfing spots for you? Where my friends are, Micronesia, Indo- lakey pipe, Puerto Rico-secret, Hawaii- secret

Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider for 7 years

How long have you been kite surfing? about 6 yrs
Why kite surfing? because it fills so many of the things i like to do.
What does your family think of this? Crazy but they do it.
What does this sport mean to you? My life
Favorite tricks? Getting Barreled

What does this sport demand of you? Everything, my attention
Have you ever been in an accident? My car got hit once by another car, but no i havent been into an accident and my sponsor Cabrinha has changed the way the industry views saftey with its bow kites.

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Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider, Nomad 2010

Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider, Nomad 2010
Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider, Nomad 2010
Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider, Nomad 2010
Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider, Nomad 2010
Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider, Nomad 2010
Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider, Nomad 2010

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