Cabrinha Quest An Ocean Odyssey April 2014

by Gavin McClurg
(Kite World)

Cabrinha Quest An Ocean Odyssey April 2014

First, the latest Captain's Log has just gone live "Cabrinha on the Cabrinha Quest." Story and photos by Jody MacDonald.

I’m trying to get a better vantage point to see Keahi De Aboitiz but I’m having a hard time finding the right spot through all these palm trees. There are so many that it feels like a maze fence. I keep looking up to make sure I’m not going to get bonked on the head with an assailing coconut while at the same time wielding a good view to get some photos. Sure enough a coconut hits the ground 10 feet away, making a loud and stomach-churning thump in the sand. French Polynesia sand to be precise. This is French Polynesia. We are in Magellan territory. Gaugain. HMS Bounty. Ring a bell?

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Next- our 2015 itinerary, a mouth-watering dream filled romp through paradise that might truly be the best 12 months of adventure we've ever created will be live shortly. Why the tease now? Because The Cabrinha Quest has unexpected memberships available due to unforseen circumstances! Get on board now for our remaining 4 years of the expedition and don't miss out. Ride barrells in the Marshall Islands, swim with whales in Tonga; dive the White Wall in Fiji; bliss out on nuking winds and pain au chocolates in New Caledonia; drink mind-altering Kava in Vanuatu; dive the great barrier reef in the Coral Sea; ski tour off Discovery in Japan; surf empty point breaks in Alaska, frolic with Manta Rays in Micronesia and, and, and...

We're not going to do this forever, and well lets be honest- those knees ain't gettin any better.

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