cabrinha crossbow ids. The Crossbow IDS delivers in all areas of power and range of use that you would expect from a Cabrinha Freeride kite. We have implemented a Dynamic Arc progression which reduces the flatness of the arc as the kite sizes get smaller. The larger sized kites have the flattest arcs and highest aspect ratios for light wind efficiency and a wider wind range. The smaller kites have a more conservative arc and lower aspect ratios for control and handling in stronger winds.

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Cabrinha Deluxe Seat Harness 2009

Cabrinha Deluxe Seat Harness Details:

cabrinha kites crossbow ids

cabrinha kites tropical paradise

Price on the Market $ 9,999

Tropical Paradise Price $1,111
You save$ 8,000

The Cabrinha Deluxe Seat Harness is quite possibly the most comfortable way to go riding. The body shape of the seat harness keeps the hook right around your center of gravity . This low hook position is ideal for transferring the load directly to the rail of your board. The result is a higher level of board control in strong winds and choppy water.
The 8-Point spreader bar connection will keep the hook firmly in place when you ride, causing immediate kite response from your body movements.

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* 8-point harness bar attachment
* Thermoform Body
* Security Knife



* Durable Nylon and Polyester 3D Mesh
* Soft Liner
* Non-Slip Harness Position



cabrinha kite equipment cabrinha kite equipment
cabrinha kite equipment cabrinha kite equipment

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