Cabrinha Caribbean Tour

Cabrinha Caribbean Tour

Cabrinha Caribbean Tour


The best Cabrinha riders in our spot...

Cabrinha Caribbean Tour

Cabrinha Caribbean Tour. What a chance!... Last year Pete Cabrinha came to show us her new "bow" kites... We knew, Tal and me that they suppose to come for trip in Caribbean et here they are...  Photos © from Cabrinha and me

Cabrinha Caribbean Tour

Cabrinha Caribbean Tour

Me with Cameron & Skipper

Cabrinha Caribbean Tour, Susi Mai

Hey.. susi ;-)

Cabrinha Caribbean Tour,Cabrinha Caribbean Tour, susi mai

Cabrinha Caribbean Tour, Clarissa Hempel

Cabrinha Caribbean Tour,Cameron Dietrich

Cabrinha Caribbean Tour,David Hastilow


Many trips have taken place around what people conceive to be the Caribbean, which normally encompasses the USVI and BVI, but the true Caribbean has remained untouched. Until Now.

The Windward and Leeward Islands of the Caribbean offer a unique opportunity for kiters to explore, ride new locations and immerse themselves in a unique culture which has been relatively untouched by the US and world market.

The vision of the trip is to share the knowledge, experience and latest equipment with the local kiting community on each island and to participate in the charms and joys that each island offers.



Cabrinha Caribbean Tour, the Riders:


Susi Mai - International Rider originally from Germany now residing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, but mostly globetrotting anywhere there’s wind

Clarissa Hempel - US National Rider originally from Brazil now residing in Miami, FL

Cameron Dietrich - International Rider and Tester originally from Puerto Rico, now residing in Maui, HI

David Hastilow - National Rider originally from the UK now residing in St. Lucia
Article about David Hastillow

Damien Leroy – arguably the top rider from the USA and one of the top all around riders in the world (be it waves, sliders, freestyle, or wakestyle). Damien is from Colorado, but now resides in Naples, FL


Each location provides a unique insight into its own individual cultural heritage, as well as providing unbelievable conditions.



Cabrinha Caribbean Tour, Trip Timeline:

December 6 - arrival to St. Lucia

December 7-8 - riding and open equipment demo in St. Lucia

December 9-10 - overnight sail to Martinique and then riding and open equipment demo

December 11 - sailing day en route to Guadeloupe
December 12-13 - riding and open equipment demo in Guadeloupe

December 14-18 - sailing en route to Anguilla

December 19-20 - riding and open demo in St. Martin

December 20 - riders and tourists depart from St. Martin.


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