Assessing The Wind

Assessing the wind is very important for being fully control of the kite and also to enjoy the session.

Different wind strength have different kite size demands. The stronger the wind, the smaller the kite should be, in order to prevent overpower on the kite. A begginer should use smaller kites and practic the kitesurfing in less windy conditions.

There are different aspect ratios (AR) in kites.
What is AR?
The AR refers a few things:
*How much of the kite is exposed to the wind.
* What is the angle that the wind takes while it passes through the kite.
Newer kites also provide a "depower" option to reduce the power in the kite. By using depower, the kite's angle of attack to the wind is reduced, thereby catching less wind in the kite and reducing the power or pull.


An 80 kilo rider (around 75 lbls):
* In low powered wind (7-10 knots) will need to have a big surface kite, around 16m to ride properly (even bigger possible).
* In 11 to 15 knots a rider will easily ride with 16meter kite, or even smaller. He will be able to enjoy doing low jumps and freestyle maneuvers.
* In 15 to 20 knots the rider will be able to jump in 16 m kite but it is recommended to kite with smaller kites for more fun and free movement.
* In 21 - 25 knots 12 square meter kite will be enough for high jumps and fast ride.

Exact kite sizes will vary depending on rider weight and desired wind ranges.

Bow kites have a wider wind range than C-kites, so two kite sizes (such 7 m² and 12 m²) could form an effective quiver for winds ranging from 10 to 30+ knots for a 75 kg rider.
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