Anguilla Kitesurfing Lessons

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Anguilla Kitesurfing LessonsKitesurfing is today’s fastest growing water sport and you can now be a part of it while visiting the beautiful island of Anguilla!


You can now book Anguilla kitesurfing lessons right here online with Tropical Paradise and learn how to kitesurf while visiting Anguilla.  Details and rates are below.


Whether you're a complete beginner or an intermediate kitesurfer, our pro team will help you reach your kitesurfing goals so that you can enjoy this sport in a safe but yet very exciting way.


We use the most modern kitesurfing gear, safety, rules, environmental respect and proficient instruction in a step-by-step manner so that you learn how to kiteboard in Anguilla in a fast and effective manner.


Anguilla has perfect beaches and wind for learning how to kiteboard. The beaches are very safe and we have top-level pro instructors so you’ll advance quickly. When you book your Anguilla kite lessons with us we will assign an instructor and send along their profile. Our mission is to get you kiting quickly and safely.


For beginners who want a complete kitesurfing lesson, we suggest 8 hours with a guideline of how those 8 hours would progress below:

Day One - 4 Hours
Equipment Setup and Controlled Kite Flying

Part 1 – Learn how to setup your gear

Part 2 – Learn the wind window and understanding the power zones

Part 3 – Basic kite handling and learning how to turn, power and depower your kite

Part 4 – Knee to waist deep water based kite flying

Part 5 – Learn how to relaunch the kite from the water and land

Part 6 – Feeling the power in the kite and basic body dragging in the water

Part 7 – Directional and upwind body dragging, going where you want to go by controlling the kite.

Day Two - 4 Hours
Let’s Get you up on the Board and Riding!

Part 1 – Introduction to the kite board and how it works

Part 2 – Board water starts by powering the kite and getting up on the water with the kite board

Part 3 – Controlled rides including prolonged power delivery

Part 4 – Independent Kite surfing.

Side Note:  When you first start on the board you will end up going downwind and having to walk back upwind repeatedly. This will continue until you learn how to carve upwind and maintain your line. Staying upwind takes time and will vary from student to student. We usually see this taking anywhere from 6 to 10 hours.  The good news is that once you reach Part 4 above of Day 2 you will be able to do this on your own and won’t need additional lessons unless requested.


Anguilla Kitesurfing Lessons Rates

Private One on One (1 person only)


Hourly - $175 per hour


Group Rates (2 People or more) – Rates are per hour, per student


Hourly - $150 per hour


Full payment is required to book your lesson(s) and assign an instructor for your lesson. If cancelling within 24 hours of your booking time, we keep a 24% non-refundable security deposit.

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Anguilla Kitesurfing Lessons Testimonials

learn to kite AnguillaFrom Pablo Ceballos, Connecticut USA:
"My two sons and I took lessons during the Christmas break.  We were at an intermediate level.  His two hours of instruction to each of us were great in helping us advance to the next level.  He took the time to review the basics, and this made a great difference in improving our control of the kite and our confidence.  By the way he teaches and the interest he puts into it, it is evident that he loves teaching.  We look forward to having lessons with him again whenever we go back to Anguilla, as we continue learning to kitesurf."
From David Hope-Ross, USA:
"Anguilla is one of my favorite places on the planet, so I knew that the setting would be idyllic.  But I am so impressed by instruction that combined expertise, professionalism, warmth, and patience. Thanks for a great experience and for laying the foundation for a lifetime of adventures."


From Patrick, USA:
"Tropical Paradise helped me scout locations and wind conditions during my visits to Anguilla. They have great local knowledge of the island, and brought me up to speed on the local hazards and highlights."


From Mark Miami, USA:
"I just took classes with TP and I was riding on my 4th hour. Very good at explaining the basics of kiting, but always focusing on safety first. Additional to being a great instructor, really wants his students to learn this amazing sport!!"



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