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Tropical Paradise News 2011 Edition 02
June 08, 2011

Greetings! Bonjour,
Summer is soon here, means for me living in Caribbean less wind but fantastic swim in mother sea. The swell could be magic and some of my previous summer were very windy so who knows, might share with you some good riding in my Kite secret spots in Anguilla

If you have stories, photos to share, feel free to post into my site, same thing for your coming events - Feel free to contact me for anything request, ideas or anything, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Have a great week and enjoy my new newsletter
Carpe Diem, Thierry

Tropical Paradise photo gallery 2011
Jeremie Tronet - Travel series #8 - Indonesia
After a year seeking for the best flat water spots we started to miss the feeling of ridding waves.This is the first reason we flew to Indonesia... read more
Tropical Paradise photo gallery 2011
FULL VIDEO - Judd Burdon - Kitesurfing Rush Lake, Utah - 50 to 60MPH Win
This is the Full Video of an epic day at Rush Lake in Rush Valley, Utah. The wind was howling at 50 to 60MPH and we had epic waste deep conditions. Rush Lake, Utah is definitely an amazing spot for folks who want flat water, strong winds and no crowds. Enjoy the video and happy kiting! Music by breaking benjamin and Linkin Park… read more
Tropical Paradise photo gallery 2011
Charlotte Consorti Professional Kiteboarder
I met Charlotte during a Kite Trip in the Keys with Etienne Lhôte organizing by Christophe Ribot from Miami Kiteboarding. She is a French F-one rider and 2 times kite speed world champion. Very peaceful and calm lady, I was honored to spent few days with her. We didn’t have strong wind to break her record , however he enjoyed with Etienne riding the Keys, Key Biscayne and Boca Chita.… read more
Tropical Paradise photo gallery 2011
Caribbean BeachesDimitri Maramenides Pro Rider Epic Kites
Dimitri Maramenides Pro Rider Epic Kites. I met Dimitri for the first time in Paracuru, Brazil in 2005. At that time he was riding Air Rush Kites and since last year, he launched his own brand of Kites: Epic Kites.… read more
Tropical Paradise photo gallery 2011
Camerom Maramenides: the little ripper
Dimitri's son, I met also during my last trip... Watch what this young kid can do.… read more

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