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Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing Newsletter June 09
June 25, 2009

Welcome to Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing news June 2009

June was very active at Tropical, we had a nice chat with Andre Philip, the water king, Jeremie came back from Europe with some new adventures, Thierry had a great session in Anguilla Island and brought with him some great photo, Kite Boarder magazine hosted our photo inside it and we have new kitesurfing butterfly ladies joined our girls community. Check out the stories and photos behind the people.

Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing news June 2009:

So what's new since our last newsletter?

* Andre Philip "Dre", other legend of Cabrinha Riders gave to TPK an exclusive interview!

* Jeremie is back to France , Surf in Italy and small trip to Norway and Mobe 7 video

* 10 days in Paradise, Thierry went back to Anguilla, a real Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing

* Kite Boarder Magazine 2009 honored me and published my first photo inside the month of June

* Skyla De Vries, the new kitesurfing Girl

* Welcome Audrey Meyer, the kiting lady from Cabarete

and more!

So enjoy it!!!

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We always appreciate feedback as we are interested in making each and every newsletter edition as helpful and meaningful as possible :-)

TPK Team

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