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tropical paradise kitesurfing newsletter January 09
January 21, 2009

Hi there,

Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing is proud to bring you January 2009 newsletter:
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What's new?

* On February 9th, 2009, Pete Cabrinha, Susi Mai & Andre Philip are gathering with us, Tropical Paradise team, Thierry & Tal on the beautiful Luxury Le Belles Yacht for an 8 days.
Exclusive kitesurfing trip in Caribbean, with our host Marco Musa, his brother Max, his crew and his Chef.

* owner, Amit Inbar, is still looking for the best kite spot in the world. Beautiful champion's life story

* Emilie Marx, amazing kite-surfing chick, shares with you a new chapter from her kitesurfing life journey

* Jeremie Tronet on kitespain Magazine Cover

* Clarissa Hempel, a Cabrinha girl, tells us why we should keep on smiling (and all about her accident details...)

* Just 18 and already 6 achievements... A special interview with Jalou Langeree

Enjoy the newsletter!
Click here to read the Tropical Paradise Newsletter January 2009

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Happy weekend and windy day!!!!

Yours and for you

Tal & Thierry
Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing Team

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