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Tropical Paradise news August 2009
August 26, 2009

Welcome to Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing news August 2009

During August, we worked hard to improve the layout, to add new features and fun sections online and we are happy to introduce them to you this month!
Be aware! Not everything is up and running as yet, but we have only 4 hands to do everything (!!!) so we are doing our best to bring it all up soon! (-:

What else is new? See for yourself and have fun!!!!!!

Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing news August 2009:

So what's new since our last newsletter?

* Tal is kitesurfing in one of the best kite spots in the world - Sea Of Galilee, Israel

* Have you Tried The New Cabrinha Nomad? A few Facts about the Newest Cabrinha kite 2010

* Jeremie Tronet surfing Mascaret in France

*The big Kiteaway Challenge event 2009 on a Yacht at the Sea of Galilee

* Jeremie Tronet Kitesurfing adventure in Ilha Do Guajiru, Brazil

* After two successful seasons, Riders Contest is becoming Riders Match: Online World Contest.

* Jeremie Tronet Rock'n' Roll in Tarifa

* She is half French and half Bajanm but one complete lovely kitesurfing girl!

Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing news August 2009:

Checkout the NPX water sport wear online shop - TPK is the exclusive dealer shipping to Europe!

The Cabrinha Kite Equipment shop offers 25% on all the 2009 equipment at the store!! Contact us for more details.

We always appreciate feedback as we are interested in making each and every newsletter edition as helpful and meaningful as possible :-)

TPK Team

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