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Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing news July 2009
July 24, 2009

Welcome to Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing news July 2009

July brought with it some fresh news about kitesurfing products and events...
PKRA took place at Fuerteventura and we follow up all the details, day by day, who did what and when.
We also proud to introduce you the new Cabrinha Nomad, Crossbow 4 IDS and another new addition to TPK...(-;
Also, we have Jeremie with a new story, a new lovely kitesurfing girl Laila showing us what she's got and an invitation to a kite trip in Dakhla...

Check it out:

Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing news July 2009:

So what's new since our last newsletter?

* Introducing proudly the Cabrinha Nomad IDS 2010 Kite and Crossbow 4 IDS 2010 !!!

* PKRA Kiteboarding World Cup Grand Slam 2009 - day by day review, events and results:

* Jeremie Tronet is back in Spain. Cover Kitespain magazine #4 + Wakestyle ITW and sequence:

* Kitesurfing girl Laila Puehringer in a special interview:

* Photos and an interview of Cameron Dietrich Cabrinha Pro Rider with the new Nomad 2010... :

* Group Kitesurfing Trip in Dakhla:

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The Cabrinha Kite Equipment shop offers 25% on all equipment at the store!! Contact us for more details.

We always appreciate feedback as we are interested in making each and every newsletter edition as helpful and meaningful as possible :-)

TPK Team

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