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From 2012

Edition 01: Top Spots in Anguilla, New Epic 2012, Storm in Destin...

From 2011

Edition 02: Dimitri from Epic, his son, Charlotte Consorti in Keys, Florida...

Edition 01: Best Winter Video, Jeremie Tronet in Lucia, Epic in St Barth....

The best of Events, photos and stories, clich here

From 2010

May-June: Epic Kite with Dimitri, Susi Mai, Jeremie Tronet, Audrey Meyer, Trip in Bahamas
March-April: Challenge St Martin, Miami Kiteboarding Master, Jeremie Tronet, Youri Zoon...
: Special Cabarete, Dominican Republic Kitesurfing Trip

From 2009

December: Our trip to Cabarete part 01, Winter in Israel, Kite trip to bahamas, Jeremie launch ne trick in his forum, Kite in Cold by Andrei and the TPK Girls of the month

November: A lot of Kite Girls this month: From Israel, France... some news abour Cape Hatteras, Mexico and for sure Jeremie Tronet

October: A lot of Kite Girls this month: From Israel, Brazil, France... some news about Caribbean, Oxbow Longboard Tour Champion and for sure Jeremie Tronet

September: New kite Girls from Norway, 2 new stories from Jeremie Tronet, my trip to France
New layout for TPK, Tal went to Israel, Thierry tested the new Nomad, Jeremie Tronet launch a new DVD, new kitesurfing girls...
Cabrinha Nomad & Crossbow introduction, PKRA Kiteboarding World Cup Grand Slam 09, Interview with Cameron Dietrich, Jeremie in Spain, new kite girl sharing and more...
Dre gave an interview to TPK, 10 days in Anguilla, kite paradise, TPK inside Kiteboader magazine, Mobe 7 by Jeremie Tronet and more...
May: Tal in Antigua with Cameron Dietrich on Les Belles Yacht, Interview of Susi Mai, Jeremie Tronet in Los Roques, Sammy from Israeland more...
April: Visiting Hawaii, meeting Pete Cabrinha, great new interview with lovely kite girls and pro kitesurfers, Jeremie and Emilie brings us new updates fom kiteworld trips and more...
March: Florida Keys Masters, NPX Wetsuit, Islamorada Invitational Kiteboarding Competition 09 Updates, Linn on the Kiteboarder Magazine Cover and more...
February: Jupiter Invasion, Laurel Eastman, Collegiate Kiteboarding, Mallory de la Villemarque, Jeremie Tronet, Ainhoa from Tarifa and more...
January: Pete Cabrinha, Susi Mai, André Philip are going on trip with Tropical Paradise Kitesurfing, Jeremie Tronet on Cover, KIteaway's owner, Amit Inbar...

From 2008
December: After lots of hard work, we are introducing YOUR kite website:
http://www.tropical-paradise-kitesurfing.com And we are more than happy to launch the first newsletter...
November: Tropical Paradise visits a great kite spot at Highland beach, Florida, the IKO Center, Cabrinha main warehouse - Adventure Sports in Miami. Cabrinha charts description & more.
: Crossbow IDS got a speed record, TP in Lacanau (France), New TP Girl's story, T&T are flying from 3 600 m at 200 km/h and sure a new story of Jérémy Tronet ;-)
September: Luxury Yacht Trip, Crossbow IDS tested, video from Indonesia by Harold Quinquis, Tronet back to Brazil.
August: Pro kiters in special interviews, Windsurfing in Saint Martin,new photos &more
Amazing Cabrinha deals, Kite in Spain, in Brazil and more, new videos, photos...
Tropical Forum is here!, Jeremie's story, St Barth trip, amazing photos & more...
May: Great new accommodations at the Caribbean, special interview, updates & more
April: Special Pro kiters new gallery, Wildernes surfing spot, Kite day and more...
March: Heineken Regatta, Prokiter story from Barbados, new testimonial and more
February: Special romance of the Caribbean, New beautiful photos & stories
January: Girls riding, New Rider & FreeStyle at Savannah Bay
From 2007

December: Big Waves & Wind in Anguilla
November: Special Swell & Wind is Back to Anguilla
October: Special Kitesurfing Trip by Boat, Trip to St Barth & World Panoramics
September: Special Photo of the Month + Caribbean Case in St Martin
August: Special Hurricane Dean & David Hastilow, Pro Kite Rider
July: Special New Testimonial, New videos, New Photos, New kite spot... Tennis.
June: Special Las Vegas, TP parties
May: Special waves in Anguilla
April: Special Israel & Cabrinha
March: Harold Quinquis ride to Anguilla
February: Savannah & Disney World
January: Special Anguilla Pictures

From 2006

December: Cabrinha in Anguilla
November: Kite Trip in Maurice and Tainos in Anguilla..
October: Special Kite surfing and surfing trip in France .
September: Special trip in New York and World Trips
August: Special trip in Canada and World Trips
July: Tropical Paradise Newsletter's Best Of
June: Horse surfing with Harold Quinquis, new photos of beaches, pure oil essential...
May: Quiksilver SXM Challenge, Trip in Egypt, Pirates of Caribbean 2
April: Summer Camp in Meads Bay... Part 1
April: Surf in St Barth, Spa Package in Marquis, Calendar Wallpaper... Part 2
March: "I danced with Dolphins"
February: Pirate of the Caribbean 1
January: St Martin Beach: Le Galion, paradise for Surfer, windsurfer and Kiter...

From 2005
December 2005 : Wreck diving is one of my favorite specialties
November 2005 : Kite Trip to Brazil, part 2
October 2005 : Kite Trip to Brazil, part 1
September 2005 : The Grenadines Kite Trip with Jérémie Tronet
August 2005 : "Green" story of Dr Howard Resh
May 2005 : Flysurf World Tour 1 à Los Roques
April 2005 : Quiksilver Challenge 2005
March 2005 : New Wallpaper from St Martin
January 2005: the first one, a collector ;-)

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