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Welcome to
the Tropical Paradise
December 2007,
Big Waves & Wind in Anguilla

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Hello and welcome to my Tropical Paradise.

My name is Thierry Dehove, and I have been living in Anguilla, BWI since September, 2002. I moved to this Tropical Paradise after living in Paris for 30 years and 5 years in Bordeaux.

I left France because I needed to travel and experience things I have always dreamed of. Ever since I was a young boy I wanted to meet different people, and discover different cultures and languages.

I created this website (more then 300 pages with over 700 stunning photos) and this Tropical Paradise newsletter to share this wonderful island with you. You will learn and see amazing information about beaches, hotels, ”Jazz on the Beach”, the Arawak Indians. I am also a passionate Kite surfer and have created a kite surfing adventure category within the site where you can get free kite surfing tips and wind reports.

Looking for a place to stay in Anguilla or Saint Martin? Hotels, Private Villas, Inn's

We have established wonderful relationships with Hotel and Villa owners in Anguilla and Saint Martin so that you can be assured that you will get the best Tropical Accommodations and at the best price.
Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory, 16 miles long, and
3 miles at her widest point. Beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear aqua waters, international style, extraordinary vistas, world-class accommodations and mouth-watering cuisine, Anguilla is the perfect tropical paradise escape and you can now book your accommodations right here online with us.

We also have relationships with Villa and hotel owners in Saint Martin. Saint Martin has extraordinary dining and accommodations by the beach that you can take advantage of and an energetic nightlife. Saint Martin is a wonderful tropical destination for people looking to relax but yet enjoy the fruits of culture, shopping and nightlife.


1 - Learn to Kite in the Caribbean
Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Kite Boarding Lessons.

Imagine being able to learn how to glide across water on a slick board at twenty miles per hour and then lift off like a bird and glide fifty feet through the air. A rush that words really can't describe. You can now make this dream reality by booking Caribbean kite lessons through Tropical Paradise while visiting Anguilla or Saint Martin.

Check out the rates, ask questions and book Kitesurfing lesson online while your visiting Anguilla or Saint Martin.

2 – Caribbean Scuba diving
Welcome to World Class Scuba Diving.
Neptune Dive Club, is painted in the colours of the sun, is ideally located in the center of Orient Bay beach.

Join us in a family atmosphere while instructors will become your friends. Not like other clubs, we organize diving groups of a maximum of 7 people to ensure a friendly atmosphere in a yet secured environment.
Come check out how you can make diving a part of your Tropical Getaway.
3 - Tropical Paradise Kite surfing Trip
on a Beautiful Catamaran
A Tropical Paradise Kite surfing Trip that you will remember for the rest of your life.

If you are a beginner you will have the opportunity to have daily training courses over the coarse of 5 and a half days.

During this Exclusive Vacation you will discovered more of the beautiful beaches of Anguilla: shoal bay, classified 3rd most beautiful beach in the world. You will visit Prickly Pear and Sandy island, two deserted small islands off the shores of Anguilla; navigation to Scrub island, one of the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean.

You will also visit St Martin and see the spectacular Orient Bay Beach with its small off laying islands.

For the "pro" kite surfers, safety will be also assured. Two of the members of the crew on board will be a kite surfing instructor and your skipper appointed, "maitre of the places."
Read more about this fascinating Kitesurfing Catamaran adventure.

What's New since my last Tropical Paradise (TP) newsletter ?

Anguilla Beach Photos December

Tropical Paradise, Winter 2007

You will find amazing Anguilla kite surfing photos below. December was a great month for kitesurfing. Large waves and strong wind...
Please click here to visit "anguilla beach photo" page

Tal's Story

I met Tal in April 2006 throught Tropical Paradise and since we're still together. Enjoy this unique lofe story we shared since....
Please click here to visit Tal's story" page


Tropical Paradise World Panoramic

Tropical Paradise World Panoramic

Tropical Paradise World Panoramic

Thanks for visiting our Tropical Paradise World Panoramic.

You will find my panoramics taken during our Tropical Adventure Travels.
Please click here to visit "World Panoramic" page



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You rely on Tropical Paradise for tried and tested kitesurfing equipment at the best price and quality.
You want kitesurfing equipment that allows you to learn faster, ride better and be safer.

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I would like to thank you all for your support on this web site and especially to my best buddy, Judd and my love, Tal.

I met Judd three years ago here in Anguilla. He has helped so much with this web site. I taught him how to kite surf when he first arrived and now he is a pro!
Tal's story - here.
Also, PLEASE share any of your thoughts or suggestions with me. I always appreciate feedback as I am interested in making each and every newsletter edition as helpful and meaningful as possible :-)

Happy Holidays, all the Best, Thierry

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