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Tropical Paradise News May 2007
Tropical Paradise News May 2007

Welcome to
the Tropical Paradise May 2007 Newsletter,
Amazing Waves in Anguilla and
Anguilla Kitesurfing lessons are Hit!

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Hello and welcome to my Tropical Paradise.

My name is Thierry Dehove, and I have been living in Anguilla, BWI since September, 2002. I moved to this Tropical Paradise after living in Paris for 30 years and 5 years in Bordeaux.

I left France because I needed to travel and experience things I have always dreamed of. Ever since I was a young boy I wanted to meet different people, and discover different cultures and languages.

I created this website (more then 250 pages with over 500 stunning photos) and this Tropical Paradise newsletter to share this wonderful island with you. You will learn and see amazing information about beaches, hotels, ”Jazz on the Beach”, the Arawak Indians, live web cams from Anguilla and other spots that I have traveled to during the time I have been here in Anguilla. I am also a passionate Kite surfer and have created a kite surfing adventure category within the site where you can get free kite surfing tips and wind reports.

During the time I have lived in Anguilla I have developed wonderful relationships with a travel agency and would be happy to help you get the best possible airfare rate for your Tropical travels. We also have excellent Accommodation relationships. We actually have the connections and relationships to be able to make your Tropical Dream travel vacation come true.

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What's New since my last Tropical Paradise newsletter ?

Anguilla Pictures

Tropical Paradise, Winter 2007

The wind has been absolutely amazing in Anguilla this year. Good thing that Judd and I have our new toys --> Cabrinha Bow Kites
Please click here to visit "Anguilla Pictures" page

Tropical  Paradise is now an International Cabrinha Kite  Dealer!

Tropical Paradise, Winter 2007

We have outstanding prices on the latest Cabrinha kites, boards and package deals (coming soon) that you can now take advantage by Visiting our Tropical Paradise Cabrinha Store.

We will continue to expand the Cabrinha online outlet store over time to make sure that you always have the best and most up to date equipment to enjoy your kitesurfing adventures.

We have launched our Cabrinha Kite Store and are now offering a pre-launch discount rate on kite packages including kite bar, bag, repair kit.

We are also offering FREE shipping anywhere in USA or Canada.

Come take advantage of our Cabrinha kite equipment special now, click here ...

Tropical Paradise Wallpapers

Tropical & Caribbean Wallpapers from Anguilla and you will find new, more than 14 from Martinique and St Martin.

Check out our absolutely picture perfect tropical wallpapers. Download them to your desktop so that you can experience tropical paradise right from your computer
Please click here "tropical beach wallpaper",

Don't forget some free tropical wallpaper and Caribbean wallpaper for you to download and enjoy.
Please click here to visit "tropical wallpaper"
Please click here to visit "caribbean wallpaper"

Tropical Paradise, Panoramic Meads Bay

Panoramic photos of Rendez-vous, Anguilla

You will find some Anguilla beach photos below that I took from the plane while on the way to Florida. As you will see Anguilla is a beautiful place for kite surfing and has the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I will show you the islands wind direction and what kind of experience you need in order to kitesurf at these Anguilla beaches. Click Here to check out wind direction and experience level.

Tropical Paradise, Views from plane

We have also added a new photo gallery with amazing panoramic photos of Anguilla Beaches. I will be adding more and more panoramic shots with full 360° views shortly. I will keep you posted ;-)
Please click here to visit "tropical island photos"

I would like to thank you all for your support on this web site and especially to my best buddy, Judd. I met Judd three years ago here in Anguilla. He has helped so much with this web site. I taught him how to kite surf when he first arrived and now he is a pro!

Please feel free to contact Judd at if you would like to create your own personal or business web site.
Also, PLEASE share any of your thoughts or suggestions with me. I always appreciate feedback as I am interested in making each and every newsletter edition as helpful and meaningful as possible :-)

All the Best, Thierry

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