Trip in Canada, Montebello

Trip in Canada, July 2006. I went to visit Judd and his family for 10 days before New York City. Judd has a cottage in Montebello, a beautiful place closed to Montréal.

Trip in Canada, Montebello Lac

Amazing 10 days with Judd and his family in his Tropical Paradise. I enjoyed this spot by fishing, relaxing, wakeboarding, listening mother nature... listening silence of Nature. It was perfect before my trip to New York City... Judd told me it's going to be a Wood trip and I can tell you, it was like a retreat for me, after 4 years in Anguilla where we have the most beautiful beaches of Caribbean however no trees, no bird and animals like this virgin place... I could feel sometimes Indian spirit and almost the song of the First people...

Trip in Canada, Montréal... like France...

A place of contradictions, Montreal, the 'Island City', radiates a romantic and elegant atmosphere from its beautifully restored colonial houses and a playful 'looking to the future' vigour in the architecture of its downtown skyscrapers. Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world and style appears to count above all else.

Weather in Canada

Montreal's climate varies between extremes. Summers are warm and humid with average daytime temperatures reaching 79 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius), whilst the winters are cold and snowy, averaging only 27 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 degrees Celsius) during the day. Gloves, hat and scarf are essential during the Montreal winter, whilst for the summer loose-fitting natural-fibre garments are perfect for daytime with the addition of a sweater or light jacket in the evening.

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Trip in Canada, Montebello

Trip in Canada, Montebello Rapid

Trip in Canada, More about Montebello

Nestled on the banks of the Ottawa River, about halfway between Hull and Montreal, the little village of Montebello has been a-bustle with activity since Seigneur Louis-Joseph built his manor home here around 1850. Today, the town and surrounding area bear the indelible mark of the important landholder, whose surname pops up on various street signs, a wildlife preservation area, and even a nearby township. In the 1930s, the area’s fame and tourist economy received a boost when the Lucerne resort opened, giving city-dwellers from as far away as Toronto and Upstate New York a rustic recreational estate wherein they could relax, play and enjoy the highlife. In the early 1970s, the Lucerne was renamed Le Château Montebello.

This beautiful log structure has hosted a variety of national and international events, including the 1981 Economic Summit and the 1983 NATO Conference. Explore the village of Montebello, and you’ll find several cozy antique shops and eateries, each of them boasting that Petite-Nation friendliness that so marks the area. Adventure fiends will want to plan excursions to nearby Kenauk, a reserve maintained by Fairmont and part of Papineau’s original estate, where fishing, hiking, bird-watching, rafting and even off-roading are available.

Trip in Canada

Trip in Canada... Try to find some bever

Trip in Canada

In the wood to find or catch...

Trip in Canada

Looks like France's country

Trip in Canada, Montréal

In Montréal, beautiful city... feel like in old Paris

   Trip in Canada

Imagine to woke up with this view....

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