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St Martin Beaches in French Side

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Grand Case - B

Grand Case Beach is a long, narrow beach with calm waters, ideal for swimming. It's also ideal for eating! Little "shacks" line the beach, serving grilled Caribbean lobsters, barbecue, delicious johnny cakes and other local treats.


Saint Martin Beaches

Orient Bay Beach - C

Orient Bay Beach sweeps around a blue cove, whose calm waters are protected by a reef and are home to an underwater marine reserve. There's great snorkeling off nearby Caye Verte, one of the small islands dotting the coast. Watersports equipment and refreshments are available. Swimsuits are optional.


Pinel Island & Cul de Sac - C

This small island, located off the shores of French Cul de Sac, is a must see! The water is calm and shallow, accompanied by beautiful beaches and lovely snorkeling. There are two restaurants on this island...this is a quick trip to paradise!
Getting to and from Pinel: a ferryboat ($5) leaves frequently crossing from Cul de Sac to Pinel.


Saint Martin Beaches

Baie Rouge - J

In the west of St. Martin, Baie Rouge is often described as "picturesque". It offers a strip of beautiful sandy beach, dotted with boulders offering privacy to beach loungers.

Plum Bay - H

Plum Bay is another undiscovered French favorite, one of the best St Martin beaches. This beach is used almost exclusively by the villa renters in the Terres Basses and is not used by the outsiders due to it's hidden away location. We have gone down here many times in the early morning and late afternoon and often been the only ones there.


Saint Martin Beaches

Friar's Bay - L

Fryar's Bay is a special beach with powder-white sand on a cove that is accessible through Cripple Creek, Anse de Peres. There are two restaurants on the beach, which is a favorite of locals. Every full moon you'll find an all-night party here.  


Saint Martin Beaches

Anse du Marcel - B

Anse du Marcel beach borders Le Meridian Hotel and can be accessed through its tropical gardens. The horseshoe-shaped cove harbors yachts, racing boats and restaurants.  The water is fairly shallow and there are trees to catch the shade.

Saint Martin Beaches

Saint Martin Beaches

St Martin Beaches in Dutch Side

Maho Beach - G

Maho Bay has a sparkling beach ringed with seagrapes and shaded by palm trees, with good snorkeling around the rocks to the west. Just west of the airport, Maho Bay has several nice hotels, so it's convenient to restaurants and facilities.

Guana Bay - E

Guana Bay although it has no shade, has a surf that makes it surfers' heaven. Between sets, enjoy the view of St. Bart's in the distance. There's no service here, which makes this powdery white beach seem all the more secluded.

Cupecoy Beach - I

Cupecoy Beach is a beach, most of the time that sits in front of the Sapphire Club, Ocean Club and the Cupecoy beach club. On the far north west end is a clothing-optional area. There is public access to the beach just past the ocean club going west. A parking lot is provided and a path to the beach is available.  

Mullet Beach - H

Mullet Beach borders the golf course and is a long stretch of white sandy beach with easy access and plenty of shade for those fair skinned ones. Very popular with the the local people.

Simpson Bay - F

Simpson Bay beach is a long sandy beach just south of the airport on the west end. The sand is soft and the waves are generally not too rough. Shade is limited.

Saint Martin is a wonderful destination to visit and is only 7 miles away from Anguilla. If you are visiting Saint Martin you should definitely try to get over to Anguilla for the day or a few nights.

We hope that about Saint Martin page has helped you learn about this special island.


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