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Shoulders pains, muscles cramps and pain.

Shoulders pains: muscles are the foot soldiers of the human body. Some, such as the heart, are independent. But more than 600 others bend and stretch to accommodate our every whim.

When I’ve forced muscles to do something ridiculous do muscles make their presence known, often in the form of muscle cramps, which are painful, spasmodic muscular contractions. Cramps often mean you’ve spent too long in an unnatural position: sitting in a cramped car for several hours or sleeping in a position fit for a circus contortionist.

Like me most people suffer from occasional stiff necks, shoulders pains and headaches, so the shoulders are the perfect place to begin self-massage.

Souvenir from Mel Gibson ! :-)


Benefits of Massage and self-massage

Massage helps to release tense muscles, shoulders pains, improve circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. It also speeds up the elimination of waste products from the body and assists in the breakdown of fat. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, encouraging relaxation and creating a general sense of calm and wellabeing.

1. Stroke your right shoulder with your left hand. Mold your hand to the curves of your body. Starting at the base of your skull, stroke down the side of your neck, over your shoulder and down your arm to the elbow. Glide back to your neck and repeat at least three times. Then do the other side.

2. Make circular pressures with your fingertips on either side of the spine. Work up the neck and around the base of the skull. Then knead each shoulder; squeeze and release the flesh on your shoulders and at the top of your arms.

3. Loosely clench your left hand into a fist and gently pound your right shoulder. Keep your wrist flexible. This springy movement improves the circulation and can be very invigorating if you are tired. Repeat on the other side.

4. Finish by stroking softly and smoothly both hands. Start with your hands on the side of your face and glide them gently down under your chin. Slide your hands past each other at the front of the neck, so that each hand is on the opposite shoulder. Stroke gently over your shoulders, down your arms and off at the fingertips. Repeat as often as you like. This hypnotic stroke is so relaxing and can relieve headaches and tension.


Essential Oils

The use of essential oils with massage enhances treatments further. Essential oils are the concentrated essence of plants and have been used for their medicinal benefits for hundreds of years. Different essential oils may be added to the massage oil to promote relaxation, detoxification, healthy digestion, etc.

Personally, I like to add Dragon Oil or specific essential oils. But I will tell you more with my personal website about pure oil essential.

Also feel free to check this page, you will find many different Oils to get "Energy and Mood"

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