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Quiksilver Windsurfing Kitesurfing
2006 Challenge, May 11/13

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Quiksilver Windsurfing Kitesurfing 2006 Challenge

From the 11th to 13th of May, Sint Marteen and Orient Bay welcome the best kitesurfers and windsurfers of the Caribbean and of the world, who will compete with local riders for the 5th edition of the Quiksilver SXM Challenge. And this five years experience has made of this event one of the most famous and trendy of the Caribbean.

Quiksilver Windsurfing Kitesurfing 2006 since 2001

Each year since 2001, local actors and partners join together so that this event be successful and remain unique in the Caribbean.

The Quiksilver SXM Challenge isunique first because it gathers windsurfers and kitesurfers in a sportive and friendly atmosphere.

It is also unique because it mixes professionals and amateurs, men and women, juniors and seniors… in the same competition, in a cool atmosphere.

The Quiksilver SXM Challenge is umique again considering that it adds festivities to the competition : activities on the beach, lively dinners and friendly parties follow one another during these three days thanks to the support of our partners.

At last, the Quiksilver SXM Challenge is unique if one consider the pricegiving ceremony : our partners are used to rewarding each category, from the youngest to the oldest, without forgetting women. This year, more than 3000 € of goods and price money will be shared!

However this year the wind was so light, we just launched the Cata and Windsurfing competition... Then meet next year for Quiksilver Challenge 2007...

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