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Quicksilver Windsurfing Kitesurfing March 13
Challenge 2005 at St Martin, Orient Bay Beach

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Quicksilver Windsurfing Kitesurfing March 13, 2005

Sunday, March 13th

Few wind during 1 hour and the staff decided to organize a freestyle contest and the winner was Ply from Cabarate, Davy from Martinique second and Jérémy Tronet also from Martinique third.

Résults Expression session :

1 - Melvin Ply of Leon from Cabarete
2 - Jérémie Tronnet from Martinique (Ocean Rodeo - Cool),
3 - Davy Bourdet from Martinique (North – Kiteadonf).

1 - Laurence Ligniére from Guadeloupe (Takoon),
2 - Gina from St Martin
3 - Daphnée Laliberté from Cabarete (Takoon – Cool – Soruz).

It was a very professional kite and wind competition, the organisation was perfect, food amazing and really good food... We had many “gifts” from Quicksilver, Club Nathalie Simon, Takoon, Hawaiian Tropic, Heineken.
See you for the next contest 2006 !


Manu Morel Jeremy Tronet from Martinique
Davy from Martinique
Handle Pass by Ply from Cabarete
Daphnee Liberte, Happy Woman Light & offshore wind...
Podium, from left to right: Jeremy, Ply and Davy
All photos below are taken by Manu Morel @ 2005

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