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NPX Wetsuits Sinner 5/4/3 E1 details:

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NPX Wetsuits Sinner

NPX Wetsuits Sinner 5/4/3 E1
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NPX Wetsuits Sinner


• S5 smoothskin inside neck
• Elastic key loop on inside back panel
• Velcro attachment for zipper pull
• TPU knee pads
• Ankle cinch loop with detachable ankle cinches

Description Sinner 5/4/3 E1

Our best selling girls suit proves that there are legions of hardcore female rippers out there who ride all winter. The 5/4/3 is made to keep those girls warm and toasty but without hindering the flex range that advanced female riders need. This Sinner has Hotcell insulation on the chest, E1 waterblock, and GBL+P-Skin sealed seams.


The entire suit is glued and blindstitched. We’ve also lined the Sinner with our proprietary P-Skin seam sealing system on the upper body, where wind-chill is a big factor. P-Skin is the flattest, stretchiest and most durable seam sealant on the market, and guarantees that absolutely no wind or water will enter via the seams.


Sometimes, just having neoprene on your chest isn’t enough. A warm chest is crucial to a warm body, so we’ve lined the chest panel with our proprietary Hotcell insulation lining. Hotcell is made of polypropelene yarn and is used by the US Airforce to keep its pilots warm.

Material Quality

The 2008/9 Sinner is constructed with more stretch than ever. This year, 80% of the suit is made of Apex neoprene, which can stretch up to 240%. The material is soft and stretchy and there is a silky smooth lining on the inside. In other words, it is easy to put on, take off, and it fits like a glove

Sizes & Colors

34, 36, 38, 38T, 40, 40T, 42 & Aqua Graphite, Rose Graphite

Please choose your color and contact us here to make sure you will have this one in stock


NPX Wetsuits Sinner

Shoulders Graphic

NPX Wetsuits Sinner Clarissa

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