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Kite Surfing and Surfing.
Kite and Surf Trip in France, September 2006


Tropical Paradise, Blowing Point Anguilla Beaches

Kite surfing and surfing. I left France in 2002 after 30 years in Paris and 5 in Bordeaux. Bordeaux is not only the great place of the world ;-) to drink the best Red Wine.

I used to surf to Lacanau, used to windsurf also and my last year was kitesurfing with some friends like Julien Sudrat (Kite World Championship in 2004)...

Surfing Lacanau, France Surfing Lacanau, France
Surfing Lacanau, France Surfing Lacanau, France

Surfing Lacanau, France

Cathy surfing... oh yeah ;-)

The Atlantic coast of France is famed for miles of endless beaches, consistent surf and long summer days. Lacanau is situated west of Bordeaux and known as one of Europe’s finest beach breaks. All ability levels are welcome as the beach offers a variety of conditions. Air temperatures range from 18 to 24°C and water temperature should be 17 to 21°C (70°F)…

Surfing Lacanau, France

Surfing Lacanau, France

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