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Israel, Holy Land


We went, Tal and me to visit her country, Israel. It was a Family trip and also an opportunity to meet the riders from this side of this world.

Israel, March 2007

Me in Jerusalem front of the Western Wall

Tel Aviv, South, pretty beach break...

Tel Aviv... really good kite spot with side shore wind and pretty waves... looks like France, my home spot in Lacanau (Bordeaux)

Dead Sea, unique moment... I flied in water...

It was my dream to sleep in Kibbutz... it's done

Masada, a main page of Jewish's history


Sea of Galilee

The State of Israel is a country in the Western Asian Levant, on the southeastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Lebanon on the north, Syria and Jordan on the east, and Egypt on the south-west.

Israel declared its independence in 1948. With a diverse population currently exceeding seven million citizens of primarily Jewish background and religion, it is the world's only Jewish state. Jerusalem is the capital city and seat of government. Israel is the only country in the Middle East considered to be a liberal democracy, having a broad array of political rights and civil liberties present. In addition, Israel is considered the most advanced in the region in terms of economic competition, business regulations, freedom of the press, and overall human development.

During this unique trip in Israel, we visited
Tel Aviv, Haifa, Krayot, Moshav Ramot...

Dead Sea: Thanks to its unique elements of nature, life and quality of life at the Living Dead Sea are unlike any other place in the world. The only place on the globe where the crust of planet Earth recedes to an "in-depth low" of minus 416 meters below sea level,

Masada: The cliffs on the east edge of Masada are about 1,300 feet high, dropping off to the Dead Sea, and the cliffs on the west are about 300 feet high; the natural approaches to the cliff top are very difficult. The top of the plateau is flat and rhomboid-shaped, about 1,800 by 900 feet. There was a casemate wall around the top of the plateau totaling 4,300 feet long and 12 foot thick with many towers, and the fortress included storehouses, barracks, an armory, the palace, and cisterns that were refilled by rainwater. Three narrow, winding paths led from below to fortified gates.

Jerusalem "City of David": The biblical City of David was situated on the southern slope of Mount Moriah, outside today's Old City wall. Under King Solomon the city was extended northward and included Mount Moriah. David chose Jerusalem as his capital primarily for geopolitical reasons. The bringing of the Ark of the Covenant to the city made it the Israelites' exclusive national, religious, and administrative center.

Solomon had the lateral valley separating the city from Mount Moriah filled in. This "miloh" (infill) area, as it was known, became the site of many new palaces, while the Temple was built on the summit of Mount Moriah. The city's major point of vulnerability the fact that its water sources lay outside was removed on the eve of the Assyrian siege of 701 BCE by the digging of Hezekiah's Tunnel.

Sea of Galilee: Also known as Bahr Tubariya, Ginnosar, Lake of Galilee, Lake of Gennesaret, Lake of Gennesar, Sea of Chinnereth, Sea of Chinneroth, Sea of Kinnereth, Sea of Tiberias, Lake of Tiberias, Waters of Gennesaret, Yam Kinneret.

Much of the ministry of Jesus Christ, and numerous of His miracles (see Miracles Of Jesus Christ) took place in the area of the Sea of Galilee.

From the fishermen of the Sea of Galilee came at least four of The Twelve Apostles - Peter, Andrew, James and John. Jesus stilled the raging storm on the Sea of Galilee that was about to swamp their boat. Jesus, and Peter to a limited extent, walked on the water there. Near its shores Jesus fed the five thousand men, women and children from the miraculous multiplication of five loaves of bread and two fish. Mary of Magdala, the first human to see and speak with the Savior after His resurrection, was from the town of Magdala on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee.

It was my first time in this Israel so charged of history and energy.... I will come back, so many things to see and breath...


Tel aviv, Kitesurfing & surfing spot

Israel has approximately 190KM stretch of beaches along the Mediterranean; many of them offer good surfing. Some of the best surfing spots are actually outside of Tel Aviv, in the north and south of the country. Good surfing exists in Bat Yam (meaning "daughter of the sea"), a bit south of Tel Aviv and further south in Ashdod and Ashkelon. To the North, Hertzlia, Netanya, and the open beaches of Beit Yanai and Michmoret all offer good wave riding. Further north, Haifa has some excellent surfing spots, especially Bat Galim.

Tel Aviv, situated along the beach at the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, offers surfing all year-round. Though water temperature gets cool at winter with lows reaching 14 degrees Celsius, winter usually offers the best swells if you are an experienced surfer.

Wave height – the wave's height at medium-surfing days ranges 0.5 – 1M (2-3.5 feet). On many days the morning swell offers the best surf with no wind, so the waves are breaking long and perfect. It is recommended to wake up early and get to the beach at 6-7AM. Don't worry, you won't be alone….In good surfing days you will find others in the water at dawn.

Later, at 8-9 the perfect swell tends to get ruined and the swell can get a little chaotic with waves breaking shorter and in a messier manner.

On high swells, the waves can get as high as 2-3 Meters. This usually happens in fall and winter, and sometimes at spring. This is time for the more able and experienced surfers to come out to the scene.

Tel Aviv's good kitesurfing and surfing spots tend to get very crowded during weekends, when the surf is up. During weekdays at a good swell, they will also get crowded, especially in the early mornings when many working surfers come to enjoy the swell before their day at the office. They may also be back surfing after a day at the office. Naturally, summer is the busiest season at the surf line.

I would like to thank all the Tal's Family for their amazing welcome and love they gave me during this trip with Tal.

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