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Indian Ocean, Harold Quinquis's Trip in Maurice

Harold Quinquis Pro Rider Takoon

Harold Quinquis Pro Rider Takoon

Harold Quinquis Pro Rider Takoon

Harold Quinquis Pro Rider Takoon

My Friend Harold Quinquis is a Takoon Pro rider and went to Maurice, Indian Ocean last summer for a big trip with amazing waves and wind. He brought back amazing photos and stories about this tropical paradise.

All photos by Stephane Fournet / Takoon.

"Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius" written by Mark Twain over 100 years ago.

The famous writer was not wrong. Bizarre mountain peaks, magnificent palm-fringed beaches, colourful coral reefs, shimmering azure lagoons, and wind the whole year! What more could kitesurfers wish for?

The seasons in the southern hemisphere are the opposite of ours. Winter in Mauritius is from June to September; this is when the trade winds are at their best, but even in the remaining months of the year, the trade winds still offer windsurfers excellent conditions to ride in the ultimate tropical paradise.

Generally, the trade winds blow from east to southeast. From December to April, relatively heavy rain showers can be expected, which soon blow over.

With almost 300 days of wind per year, what other destination can compete with Mauritius?

The cultural influences in Mauritius are just as diverse as the composition of its population, and you should definitely also take the time to explore the delightful countryside and fascinating culture.


Imagine an island lost in the medium of the Indian Ocean; caves, mysterious inscriptions on the rock, treasures of pirates, spots perfect....

Four corsairs with the search of a fabulous treasure: Herve Bouré the hunter of waves, Niccolo Porcella, Italian raised with the swell hawaiien, Tuva Jansen for the female key and Harold Quinquis the trippor.

The signs are revealing, ball of gun, bones human, rock in the shape of tortoise, the western southern coast of Maurice would abound in treasure and the island was regularly visited by the pirates.

Officially no treasure was found to date but our 4 riders came sought another nest egg! Our first seek will be delayed in the Western and what a surprised South!

The Dull Brabant, imposing basalt mass, culminating to 558 m, advances in the ocean in the extreme south-west of the island.

All at the end of a road, appears a small public beach which gives "vis-a-vis" to a" turquoise" lagoon ideally been windy thanks to a venturi effect. Imagine a large lagoon, a point of white fine sand, wind directed perfectly and with far a glassy wave which breaks on a sharpened reef...

More photos and information about Harold can be found here...

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