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This page is about Kitesurfing Clips Videos and kite video clip, let me introduce the best video made by Stance Magazine. Stance Magazine is magazine of Kitesurfing with professional graphic layout (I'm a Art Director in advertising and printing since 20 years), beautilful photos and interesting articles. They give a DVD when you buy it.

Dont worry, these Kitesurfing Video Clips are in French / English and multi zone !

Need to relax a little bit ?
The Kitesurfing Clips Videos Stance DVDs are made for you !

Issue #5
Play time: 90 min. US$ 16.9

Heaps of stuff to read and learn:
- Big thick dossier: Evolution with interviews of B.Legaignoux, Peter Lynn, Cory Roeseler, Manu Bertin, Mark Shinn...
- The making of the Clips Videos DVD "Autofocus"
- All you need to know to ride in Brazil
- Trip: A bit of exotism in Russia, sliding in Venezuela
- DIY: Windmeter
- X-Men
This time you'll see 90 minutes of intense action with some of the best riders in the world.
- PKRA Venezuela, freestyle, sliders...
- Cabo Verde
- Marrocco
- Mondial du vent
- Trailers, news, ...

Issue #4
Play time: 110 min. US$ 16.9

Want to dream, want to learn? The new mag's got everything!
- New School tricks
- File: New Zealand
- Tuning: Lines lengths
- DIY: Puddleboard
- Road trip: Namibia to South Africa
- ITW: Moe Goold
The new DVD brings you over 110 minutes of hard core kiteboarding! Caution... Stance DVd can be addictive!
- Focus Aaron Hadlow
- PKRA Brazil
- News
- Snowkite / freesession
- Session in Texas
- Bonus...

Issue #3
Play time: Long... US$ 16.9

NB: The NTSC format (for America and Japan) is sold out. PAL format only
- King of the Air
- ITW: Jaime Herraiz
- Australia: The Zoo
- Girls in Hawaii
- Wakestyle tricks
- F-one trip in Fiji
- Wipika trip in Sardinia
- Hawaii : big file
- Arctic Trip
- Garbage, news and much more!
BONUS: The Takoon play 2004 DVD !!!!!!!!!

Issue #2
Play time: 90 min. US$ 16.9

Mag :
- ITW: Aaron hadlow
- DIY: Embedded camera
- Trip: Australia
- Lesson: Jump issues
- Notes: South Africa
- Night Sessions
- Winter Tour
- New Zealand session
- Magic sunglasses
- Spanish scene
- Garbage
- News
Bonus : South Africa Trip

Issue #1
Play time: 80 min. US$ 16.9

Mag :
- ITW: Cindy Mosey
- DIY: Customize your straps
- Trip: Peru, Antigua
- Lesson: Unhooked railey kiteloop
- Notes: Fiji
- Making of video
Clips Videos DVD:
- 110 Tricks tought by pros from basic jumps to kiteloops.
- Bonus: "Mondial du vent", Leucate

Kitesurfing Clips Videos, kite video clip with Stance Magazine
More Kitesurfing Clips Videos are coming soon, if you have any questions that have been unanswered feel free to fill out the "Contact Stances" form and they will personally reply with the answers.

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