Caribbean Testimonials

learn to kite Anguilla"My two sons and I took lessons during the Christmas break. We were at an intermediate level. Two hours of instruction to each of us were great in helping us advance to the next level. They took the time to review the basics, and this made a great difference in improving our control of the kite and our confidence." - Pablo Ceballos, Connecticut, USA


"Anguilla is one of my favorite places on the planet, so I knew that the setting would be idyllic. But I am so impressed by instruction that combined expertise, professionalism, warmth, and patience. Thanks for a great experience and for laying the foundation for a lifetime of adventures." - David Hope-Ross, USA


"Helped me scout locations and wind conditions during my visits to Anguilla. Great local knowledge of the island, and brought me up to speed on the local hazards and highlights." Patrick, USA


"I just took classes and I was riding on my 4th hour. Very good at explaining the basics of kiting, but always focusing on safety first. Additional to being a great instructor, wants his students to learn this amazing sport!!" - Mark, Miami, USA


“The right guy in the right spot. He’s not only a great kite instructor that can take you from no-level to surfing level in a week and knows every spot in the island but also a real friend and a fun guy to hang out with and learn a lot about life. Thanks you Thierry for making my stay at Anguilla so unique, definitely see you next year!" - Rami, Israel


"Couldn't have asked for a better instructor in a better place to learn how to kiteboard. Great guys who stresses safety and fun while patiently guiding you step by step from set up, to kite control to your first thrilling ride. Thanks again for helping me find a new passion." - Andrew, Chicago, USA


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