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Cabrinha Switchblade and Caliber 2009
Cabrinha Kiteboarding Equipement

Cabrinha Switchblade and Caliber details:

Cabrinha Switchblade and Custom 2008 Cabrinha Kiteboarding Equipement, Cabrinha Kiteboarding

IDS Bridle
Absolute Depower
Override IDS
Powerdrive IDS
Improved LE Closing seam
Ultra Bomb canopy reinforcement
Flat seams
New Bridle pulleys
New pulley bridle line
Industry leading QR
Improved Airlock valve

Complete 10m Switchblade 4
+ 133 x 41 Caliber
Free Shipping for US & Canada

Regular retail price: $2,378 USD
Our Today Price: $2,020 USD
You save $358 USD 


Complete 12m Switchblade 4
+ 133 x 41 Caliber

Free Shipping for US & Canada

Regular retail price: $2,488 USD
Our Today Price: $2,115 USD
You save $373 USD 

Quadcave Bottom
Flat Center Section
Eco-Friendly Paulownia Wood Core
3D X Deck
Sync Backless Bindings
40/45 cm Stance Options
Precision Shaped Rail

Free Shipping for Us & Canada

We will contact you via email or telephone to confirm the color and size of kite that you are purchasing.

10 to 14 days is our expected shipping time. It is usually faster though.
We will provide you with a tracking number so that you can track your order via the Internet.

The Caliber is our newest edition to the Cabrinha board line-up. The Caliber is a Freestyle / Freeride model with excellent speed and tracking abilities. The Caliber features a wider tipped outline and has a lower rocker line than the Custom, which makes it quick to plane and get you through the light spots.  The Caliber takes full advantage of its 3D bottom shape to deliver a high level of edge control. The Caliber also features a flat center section for a smoother ride and easy landings. The 3D X deck provides torsional rigidity to keep the tips from washing out when edging hard. The Caliber is built with our Wood Core, which delivers unparalleled strength while staying lightweight. If you like to ride hard and fast and want the ultimate performance for Freestyle or Freeriding, the Caliber is the board for you. cabrinha switchblade 4. Switchblade 4 Widened usage including Freeride - IDS: Intelligent Depower System Absolute Depower - Powerdrive IDS Control System Light Bar Pressure - New Durability Measures - Improved Airlock airflow The industry leading kite for wakestyle and freeriding just got better. Thanks to the addition of our Intelligent Depower System or IDS you have more control at your fingertips than you ever thought possible. The Switchblade IDS is a performance kite with a direct, light bar feel, and easy handling capabilities. The Switchblade excels in the competition wakestyle arena but is simple enough to make any rider feel like a pro.

PACKAGES: Wave | Freestyle Caliber | Freestyle Custom | Free Ride Caliber | Free Ride Prodigy

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